The Cantaloupe Was Delicious

Last week’s piece resonated with many of you, and I’m glad for that.  There were comments in this space, emails in my inbox, shares on the wider web.  Thank you for being here, for sharing this journey with me.

As I think about the delicacies that run through our human experience on this Earth, I have found myself keenly aware of small delights in recent days.  They feel heightened somehow.  They are small things (as you’ll see), and yet they feel so full.

This is the practice, always.  The noticing, the slowing, the sinking in….or at least trying to do this.  Some days it’s easier than others, so it’s nice when the bits noticed feel extra full.  Which is exactly how they’ve felt recently.  I’ve not buried my head in the sand, but have instead made the time to wiggle my toes in its warmth.

There was blueberry pound cake baked twice in one week (though I’ve opted to call it blueberry bread, because it sounds healthier (don’t you think?!).  There was news that family and friends are safe.  There was (and still is) the autumn sedum doing its autumnal show and the bees attending its performance.  There was spent time with some of my favorite people.  There was cantaloupe harvested from the garden that was actually delicious (this is a first for us, folks).  There were shadows and patches of light.  There were long-sleeved shirts needed on early morning walks.  There was watercolor painting with my daughter, and conversation with my son and his friends.  There was the story of a friend who experienced great kindness from a stranger; the story brought tears to my eyes.  There was a Monday and a Tuesday and a Wednesday and a Thursday and, now, a Friday.

And that last part?  The Monday, the Tuesday, the Wednesday, the Thursday, the Friday?  That, really, is no small thing.  No small thing indeed.



sending a little love your way, m


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5 thoughts on “The Cantaloupe Was Delicious

  1. Our cantaloupe was especially sweet this year but I cannot take credit for it as we got it from our local CSA. ; ) There is, however, something lovely about knowing who grew that delectable melon and the fact that they tended it with care so that it could be enjoyed by many. I am thankful for those who provide such lovely moments for me to savor. xo

    1. honestly, I was floored how good it was. and to boot, it was a volunteer plant from last year’s disappointing crop…we weren’t even expecting cantaloupe to grow this summer!

      and very much yes to turning off the world in order to focus on within… xo


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