:: Randoming ::

Some random things…

Technology is a tricky thing. I see its pluses; I see its minuses. (on the plus side, here we are!) Though my kiddos are very different ages than Erin’s, so many of her thoughts resonate and carry over regardless.

And, on the technology note, this is really interesting.

You are enough.

How much do we really need?  This is a nice piece on requirements versus nice-to-have options.  It might get you thinking like it did me.

These words are such a good reminder not to wait.

I think I’d kinda love one of these strung somewhere in our home.

On the first of this month, I mentioned to the readers of my newsletter/Monthly Notes that I was reading this book.  It’s really (really) good, folks.  Seriously.  So many dog-eared pages.  I keep going back and through.

One of my fellow contributor at ViewFinders, Lucy Loomis, shared a lovely and quiet post earlier this week…full of beautiful photos and quotes (my favorite!).  As we get ready to close September and move into October, I think you’ll enjoy; click here.

And lastly, this lady.  Freakin’ awesome. (thanks, a)

Happy clicking and happy weekend!


sending a little love your way, m



10 thoughts on “:: Randoming ::

    1. right?! I don’t have a circle paper punch, but I might just splurge on one so I can make this (I love it, but not enough to trace and cut) (oh, how spoiled I am by modern conveniences!).

  1. Love you, Michelle! Thank you for the post, just what I needed before heading off to the airport for my high school reunion in MN. Reach out! Be kind! Be the light!


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