:: Sometimes Mondays ::

Sometimes Mondays look like a little window gazing.


I also want to remind you that, if you haven’t enjoyed my conversation with Bella yet, scroll down to visit her (and enter the giveaway!), or if you’re reading via email, you can click right here.

Sending a little love your way, m


Have you signed up for Gratitude Week yet?  Oh, I hope you do.  Remember that it’s free (my gift to you).  Remember that there is power in numbers.  Remember that a little thought in the gratitude department goes a long way.  Click image at left to read how you can join me and us, and how you can sign up to receive my (free!) Gratitude Notes.  A breath of fresh air (I hope) right into your inbox.



Did you know that registration is open for a very special run of Just Five Things?  It’s a mini edition, called Grounding for the Holidays.  You can read details and register by clicking image at left.  It will be five days of thoughtful reflection at a typically busy time of year.  Five days to slow down and get quiet.  Please join us.

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