:: Randoming ::

Some random things…

This quote.  I remind myself of this, a lot.  From the work of creativity to the work of life.  Also, the book from which this quote originates is in my Amazon shopping cart.  Christmas present to myself, maybe?  Yes, maybe. (thanks, A)

I’m pretty sure I’ve shared this short video at some point.  But it’s worth sharing again.  It pairs nicely with the quote/image above.  A gentle yet insistent reminder.  Do the work.  Keep going.  It’s the only way.  Creative work, life work, all work.

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have the patience to make these.  But aren’t they pretty?!

Self-care is something I think about.  This article shares thoughts in keeping with what I think too.  Take care.  Know that it’s in our everyday choices, our everyday power. (thanks, A)

Resting in the openness.  Yes, please.

A dear friend sent me this video after telling me she’d begun taking tap dancing lessons.  After listening to her experience of tap and watching this video, I kinda wanna sign myself up for lessons. (thanks, P)

I have favorite Christmas albums from my childhood…Johnny Mathis  and Bing Crosby are two such favorites.  This one has become a favorite in the last couple years. It’s one I listen to, without tiring, all season long.

I did this same project with my kiddos when they were little, except we did Christmas trees and we simply covered a big-ish piece of cardboard with natural-colored felt.  Super cute.  Too bad I wasn’t blogging back then to share. Hands down, a favorite Christmas decoration to set out every year.

Maybe something for the birds?

And a hot cup of this tea, for you.  It’s my favorite tea this time of year.

Our world is full of magical places.  Truly.


Happy clicking.  Happy December!

Sending a little love your way, m




18 thoughts on “:: Randoming ::

  1. Haha, I took up tap dancing as well this year. I thought it would be a fun way to get some aerobic exercise in as I bore easily on treadmills and such. It is so much fun! I struggle when the teacher starts combining steps but just keep reminding myself that I’m in it for the fun and exercise…and I love the sound of tap shoes on the hardwood floor! : )

  2. Thanks so much for sharing all these links, lots of goodness! So long I haven’t visited your blog. I had lots of trouble with my previous blog. But now, little by little, I’m catching up.

  3. Dear Michelle…I wasn’t able to read this – really read this – until this morning. Thank you…it’s my first present of the seaon.

  4. You always share such wonderful things in your Randoming posts, Michelle (you know I love them). I am excited to see in your magical places link that no. 11 is South Yorkshire, where I live!

    Wishing you a beautiful Sunday, dear Michelle xx

    1. I’m always happy to know you enjoy these, Jane…and I love knowing that you’re in South Yorkshire. Lucky you!

      I just went back to look at no. 11 and think of you… <3

  5. Hi Michelle,

    Of course, I love your photographs and your ViewFinders posts and I enjoy following you on Instagram. But really, these little notes are just like gifts for me! I carefully and joyfully work my way through the things you share. I have to keep stopping to share them with my friends – the tap dancing video to my son in college who needs something to smile about, the article on self-care to my best girlfriends because we’re all ready to stop treating ourselves and begin to parent ourselves, the article from Zen Habits I printed out to read and study and add to my Feedly. Thank you for curating this collection of things that help me to lead a more joyful and peaceful and meaningful life. You save me time and point me to things of worth.

    I know you are busy as a homeschooling parent. But I am certain there will be a day in the future as your children grow up and you have more time, when we will meet in person and share a cup of tea and a long conversation.



    1. Oh, Donna! I loved reading your message…thank you for every word! It’s such a happy feeling to know you and others enjoy when I share things like this. I loooove that these posts feel like gifts for you! And I love that you share them. I’m smiling from ear to ear.

      And, someday, a cup of tea and a long conversation…well, that sounds lovely.

  6. I love so much about this list!!!
    First, I made the rosemary my screensaver because…rosemary!
    Then…I’m gonna show Chloe the Ira Glass video (so good…esp since I’m not the one saying it to her!).
    Love your Christmas music favs because they are some of mine too (#duh).
    Lallie will totally be into making that something for the birds! And that is her all-time favorite tea also!
    Self-care…excellent links ;) …esp since I need those perspectives.
    And everyone in my family has their own copy of that quote…rings true for all of us.
    You totally rocked this link-fest!!!


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