25 (Simple) (and Meaningful) Gifts

You know I love lists.  Here’s a list of 25 free (or practically free) gifts you can bestow upon others this holiday season.  Really, they’re gifts for any time of year.  They’re simple and meaningful.  Happy gifting…in a simple and meaningful way.


  1. Give a hug.  Then give another one.  Maybe a little longer.  Maybe a little tighter.
  2. Bake cookies.  Share with a neighbor, with co-workers, with friends.
  3. Tell someone something you like about them.
  4. Write a love note.  Pop it in the mail, place it on someone’s desk, leave it on a pillow.
  5. Donate a book to the library.
  6. Do a secret favor.  Don’t tell anyone, just do it.  It’s a secret!
  7. Make something, anything (a card, a piece of toast, a smile).  Give it to someone.
  8. Help without being asked.
  9. Feed the birds.
  10. Write a dozen thoughtful letters to someone and tuck them into twelve separate envelopes. Label the envelopes with each month of the year.  Gift this collection of letters to someone you love, with instructions for when to open.
  11. Be patient.
  12. Donate food to the local food bank.
  13. Hold the door for a stranger.
  14. Donate a toy.
  15. Cook a special meal for someone you love.
  16. Say thank you (and feel that thank you in your heart).
  17. Make a handmade card for someone.
  18. Give a coupon for time spent together (a hike, an evening of knitting, a trip to the museum).
  19. Donate blood.
  20. Clip a few sprigs of evergreen, or rosemary, or holly. Tie them with ribbon.  Surprise someone.
  21. Read a story aloud. With your kids, with a friend.  It might feel funny at first (with someone other than a child), but it’s really kind of grand.
  22. Listen closely to others, and try not to interrupt.
  23. Make someone a cup of hot cocoa. Or tea.  Or coffee.  Sit with them while they enjoy it.
  24. Make an inspiration jar by writing inspirational quotes on strips of paper, tucking them into a jar, and tying with a ribbon.
  25. Give more hugs. Because I don’t believe there can ever be too many hugs in this world.


Do you have gift ideas to add to this list of simple and meaningful?
I’d love to hear…

always the love, m












10 thoughts on “25 (Simple) (and Meaningful) Gifts

  1. Such wonderful ideas, Michelle! Our town is very close to Sandy Hook, CT, and one of the beautiful acts to have come out of the tragedy that occurred there is something called 26 Acts of Kindness, which is spearheaded by a Sandy Hook couple. They encourage people to try to do 26 acts of kindness each year in memory of the 26 Sandy Hook angels. Out of evil has arisen so much goodness and kindness from so many of the parents who lost their sweet child that day. The ideas you list are so easy to do and so rewarding for both giver and receiver. xoxo

  2. Love and love this list! Some of these items I have already done or are in preparation. But the #10 is great, not being selfish, but when reading it, I thought of writing letters to myself, one for each month. Tiny messages of self-love, -respect, encouragement … Won’t it be great? Maybe I’ll write few of them today, it’s snowing and cozy here, perfect for letter writing. Love and hugs to you. Have a great weekend my dear.

    1. Elizabeth, I loooove your idea to write letters to yourself! That’s a fabulous idea. Wishing you love as you make these sweet notes to yourself. Happy weekend to you too! xo

  3. I live in New Jersey the home of the best tomatoes on the planet. I still “put up” tomatoes in the summer for gifting at Christmas. A jar of tomatoes and some pasta on a cold winter day puts a smile on every recipients face. I also intend to adopt #10 and #24.

    1. That’s an excellent gift, Bernadette! I’m sure recipients are very pleased to receive that…I know I would! Lots of love goes into “putting up” tomatoes.

      And #10 and #24…if you try them, I hope you have fun in the making. <3


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