Cultivating Intention and Making Things Happen

I wrote in January’s Monthly Note* that I’m not one to make resolutions, nor am I one to choose a word for the year.  While both can be wonderful practices, they’re presently not my cup of tea.  I do, however, believe in the power of setting intentions.


I’ve been sitting with this idea of intention for several weeks now; in truth, I’ve been sitting with intention (have been trying to practice) for years.  But as 2017 drew to a close and 2018 opened its doors, thoughts of intention have been especially persistent.


What is it that I wish to cultivate?


Yes, I could make a resolution.  Yes, I could choose a word.  But, in setting intention, the energy shifts ever so slightly for me.  (And I do think this point is key:  for me.  We must each move in ways that resonate for us as individuals.)  I hold this idea of cultivation carefully.  I want to let my intentions settle into my heart, I want to tend them, and I want them to be a living presence.


Again, what is it that I wish to cultivate?


Peace.  However, it’s not enough to say I want peace in my life.  Peace will not simply show up at my door.  I must create space for the peace.

Stillness.  Likewise, it’s not enough to say I want stillness and then expect it to happen of its own accord.  I must make choices that support stillness.

Love.  Same thing.  It doesn’t magically appear, or magnify, or shift unless I tend my heart and invite love in and extend love out.


And so I circle back to this…


If I wish to cultivate peace and stillness and love (indeed, if I wish to cultivate anything), cultivation necessitates some kind of action.  And action relies on intention set, intention held, intention executed.


Action.  At base, I’ve been sitting on projects and know that I need to get moving.  I want to take many of the things in my head and heart and put them out into the world.  I want to get things done.


I want to organize the pantry closet.  I want to get some bookshelves.  I want to make curtains for the kitchen window.  I want to write my book; I want to write the book proposal for my book.  I want to back up all my digital files with regularity.  I want to hike.  I want to read.  I want to sip many cups of tea and bake many loaves of bread. I want peace.  I want stillness.  I want love.


I’m prepared to make it happen.


And you…what do you wish to cultivate?

Sending a little love your way, m



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17 thoughts on “Cultivating Intention and Making Things Happen

  1. I want to capture being calm. I tend to be frayed and worried and that isn’t what I desire. Nothing I worry about becomes reality so I am thinking why even do that? I’d like to read the news less and knit more, read more, and be more me.

  2. I look forward to each of your posts—although sometimes it takes me awhile to find my way here. I’ve been choosing a word for the year for several years. Once I choose a word, I set intentions around them. The last several words continue to live with me (simplicity, mindfulness, choose joy/gratitude), and this year’s word, “nourish” allows me to continue to hold these words in my intentions for 2018. I publish them on my blog to help hold me accountable, but do not fret if I fail to honor all of them. This year I set intentions for nourish my mind, nourish my body, nourish my soul. They help me focus on the way I spend my time.

    1. Karen, I’m glad to know you enjoy my posts here…thank you for following along. xo

      I’m appreciating your process that you’ve shared here. So good that you allow yourself some wiggle room…a little grace extended to ourselves is always wise. And I chose words for a few years and always found that they had a way of living with me beyond that particular year. Kind of cool, yes?!
      Intention is a wonderful thing…

  3. I love your idea of setting an intention. I have always fallen in the choose a word category, which until last year served me well. This year my word is play, which in a way is also an intention. I intend to play more with my art, to not worry about the final product and just enjoy the process. Fingers crossed.

    If I was to choose one intention it would be to invite simplicity into my life. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the acquisition of material things…all it takes is a click of the mouse anymore…I want to just appreciate all I do have (which is enough) and live my life mindfully and with gratitude.

    1. Play is a fantastic word to hold for the year, Grace! I wish you much play…in your art and in other areas of your life as well. As for inviting simplicity in…with you on that. Yes, please.

      And, truly, choosing a word and setting intention are very closely related. Both incorporate a mindful way of moving through our life…just slightly different framework/semantics maybe. Wishing you a year that fills your soul…

  4. One word-intention. I had to set intention when the 2nd semester started. I was hell bent on only seeing the last day of school that I forgot to live in the present. My heart wasn’t 100% in what I love todo-teach. I told myself that the kids will never know I’m not all there-but I now know after I set my intention 80+ kids know the me that is caring, patient and 100% vested in them.

    1. Those kids are so very lucky to have a teacher like you.

      And I think lots of us lose hold of our intention from time to time…but then to return to is, as you have…that’s huge. I hope this 2nd (and final) semester is a full and rich one for you. xo

  5. I, too, like to set intentions for the year. I find them so meaningful — just to sit for a while and contemplate HOW I want to live for the next year, and what I want to invite into my life. Usually, once my intentions are clear, a word comes to mind, sometimes even a color, that shapes the way I think about things during the year. And, always, a few goals creep in — external manifestations of how I want to bring my intentions to life. But it always, always begins with intention!

    1. Ooh, love that sometimes a color will come to you!
      It sounds like you’re very thoughtful in setting your intentions…seems to be a well-rounded consideration/experience…so good.

  6. You write truth with such heart felt simplicity. I am reading Gary Zukov’s Seat of the Soul and I am trying to remember to set an intention for each new day. I much prefer intend to over ought to.

    1. Thank you for that kindest of compliments, Bernadette. Truly.

      And I generally work with setting intentions for each new day…like you. On the harder days, I set and reset ;)

  7. As always – I am loving what you’re sharing, and loving the self-awareness. Before I forget… you may find BackBlaze helpful re: the digital backups! I’ve been using it for years & it’s been super helpful. :-)

    What I wish to cultivate for myself this year is, mostly, freedom. Primarily an internal sense of freedom that I can carry with me regardless of external circumstances… AND I’d love to feel some freedom in my external circumstances (specifically around time freedom and financial freedom) too!


    1. The ability to carry something internally – and to let it shape and color the external – oh wow…that’s where it’s at, Angel. That awareness right there – of the connection – you’re on your way…

      And thanks for mentioning BackBlaze…I always appreciate hearing what others find useful!


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