:: Dear Thursday ::

Dear Thursday,

Thank you for beginning with coffee.  Thank you for the time to drink that coffee curled up under a warm blanket with a good book, before everyone else woke up.  Thank you for being another day that I got to be home with my kids, guiding them in their homeschool work.  Thank you for that green smoothie. Thank you for the sunshine, especially the sun that shone on my desk and painted a pretty picture. Thank you for the antibiotics that are knocking out my sinus infection.  Thank you for grey, fleecey pants.  Thank you for Pilates. Thank you for a hot shower.  Thank you for music. Thank you for multiple glasses of clean, fresh water.  Thank you for emails from wonderful people.  Thank you for Instagram, even though some days it’s a struggle.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to practice patience and active listening.  Thank you for leftovers for dinner.  Thank you for being a day like so many other days, but still being new and different and full of tiny blessings.


What was your Thursday like?  Share in the comments below, or jot down your memories in a journal or notebook.  Sometimes it’s nice to look back as we begin to move forward.


Sending a little love your way, m



15 thoughts on “:: Dear Thursday ::

  1. My Thursday was a lull day between a stressful Wednesday and Friday. Now the stress is gone and all is well. I love how when there is stress eventually there is peace and calmness at some point. I never tire being thankful for the lulls.

  2. This exciting news is under the radar ( as far as social media ) until further notice but my Grandson Chase William Was norm Thursday !! All healthy and happy here in Florida 👶💙👶

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  3. My Thursday was Yoga at 6 a.m., writing in the morning, a short walk by the river, day job in the afternoon, Chiropractor after that. Funny how simple that list looks, when really every day is such a complex tapestry of thoughts and feelings and remembering to eat and getting from place to place. Even a simple life is only simple when viewed from the outside, I think.

    1. I love how a list/letter like this points to both the simplicity *and* the complexity. A day can be simple and so full at the same time. As you said, it takes some viewing from the outside to gain an understanding. That’s key…to pause and make time for that kind of viewing/noticing.

      Yes to all you’ve shared…

  4. Just found your blog and I am intrigued. I love your approach to life and your desire to zero in on the in between moments that so often get overlooked. I will definitely be back as I love reading blogs of authenticity….

  5. Your Thursday sounds beautiful. My Thursday started with thoughts of Austin (as it has for the last 3 days). The sadness that washes over me throughout the day is overwhelming at times. Went to work-the gym(even tho I’m sleep deprived).My Mr. wanted me to pick up dinner so I didn’t have cook-but I know me & I told him I needed to cook-to get back into the living into the now otherwise I risk getting stuck and sink. So I cooked. I realized how much of my enjoyment from cooking is to watch my family enjoy what I’ve made. Austin and his girlfriend were a huge part of that. Went to bed thinking about Austin. Becoming an empty nester is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But there is light….

    1. Oh, Kelly. I can only imagine how this empty nesting feels. My heart goes out to you, mama to mama.

      In time, we both know you will settle into this new rhythm but, for now, I know the transition is hard. Keep cooking, keep working in that journal of yours that I love seeing on IG, keep that Mr. by your side (seems he’s looking out for you), keep living. Keep going. xoxo

  6. I may not always comment, but I always read your posts. My Thursday looked like anxiety about traveling, deciding to cancel my weekend trip and then making a macrame plant hanger. Quite a whirlwind of a day. xoxoxo

    1. I’m glad to know you’re always reading…thank you, thank you.
      And your Thursday sure does sound whirlwind-y. I hope making that macrame plant hanger soothed your soul a bit.
      Wishing you a gentle weekend… xoxo


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