Let’s Move In Closer…and Love

There’s a lot on my heart these days.

The news is hard to watch.  The stories are hard to believe.  I feel heavy.

Last weekend, I listened to a conversation between Brene Brown and Krista Tippet at OnBeing.  I hope you download/listen to the conversation or read the transcript; you can do both by clicking here.  (it’s so good)


Brene speaks (and writes in her book) about it being hard to hate people close up, and how we need to move in.

She speaks about our imperative to speak truth to the bullshit.

She speaks about having a strong back and a soft front.


I’ve had a regular sort of week with my family (and I feel incredible amounts of gratitude for a regular week), but I know some people have had other.  And so I sit here thinking about how I can move in, how I can speak truth to the bullshit, how I can have a strong back and a soft heart.  What if I could do that?  (I can.)  What if you could do that?  (You can.)

I don’t think all of us are meant to write books or march on town hall; I don’t think all of us are meant to lead rallies or run for public office.  I don’t know that there’s anything All of us are meant to do (we are beautifully unique, after all).  Except…to love.

I believe we are all meant to love.  To give it, to receive it, to be it.

I believe that each of us can add a drop or two (or three, or four, or…) of love into the collective love basket of this world by moving in, by speaking truth, by having a wild heart.

We can listen carefully to one another.  We can respect and appreciate differences.  We can be strong and soft, both/and.  We can be love.

Let’s be love.

Sending a little a lot of love your way, m


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21 thoughts on “Let’s Move In Closer…and Love

  1. Thank you for sharing that link to the On Being interview. I could listen to it an second time through — and just might. So many helpful and gentle reminders in there.

  2. Lovely words as always Michelle. I keep disappearing from the blogging world for brief spells, when life takes over as it can, but I always come back and find your posts speaking things that seem entirely pertinent and resonant. Thank you for that x

    1. Katie. If I could hug you right now, I would. Thank you for these kind words, truly.
      I certainly understand that life takes over…I’m honored to know that you always come back. xoxo

  3. Such a good piece, Michelle. I try to approach everything I do from a place of love and an open heart…especially the times when someone has upset or frustrated me. It is so hard to listen to the news this week (well, most weeks, actually). Like Karen, I pray daily for peace in the world. Thank you for the beautiful messages of love that you send out to the world.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Grace. It’s so good to know you’re working on this too.
      If more of us do this – well, can imagine how powerful the ripples will be…? <3

  4. whenever the news is difficult to digest I try to see the good people who come in and help those in need. I pray daily for world peace and the end of violence. I think that is why I love instagram and reading blogs because I follow people who seek goodness and kindness and reflect it in their lives and that makes living during these trying times feel less helpless and alone. Sending you love right back at you :)

    1. Yes to following people who seek and reflect goodness and kindness…agreed on how that can help one feel less helpless and alone. There is SO much good in this world. xo

  5. hi michelle, so good to read your peaceful words this morning. i had a difficult night that made me forget everything about being and love. i haven’t written for all these weeks, the words are hidden from me.

    1. Be gentle with yourself, Elizabeth. Life circumstances sometimes cloud things for us…so that we forget about the being and the loving, so that the words feel too far away to reach. It’s all there in you…it’ll come to you, in time. hugs to you…

  6. Oh that strong back and soft heart! Yes! Reminds me of this line from a poem by May Swenson, “In love are we made visible”. Peace keep you, friend.

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