It Begins with Rain

Words of now.  In all honesty.  (no editing)


Rain.  Rain.  Rain.  Violin.  Pup.  Grocery list.  Grey.  Sweater.  Ring.  Quiet.  Hum. Clean.  Tired.  Questions.  Always.  Wood.  Start.  Here.  Water.  Pen.  Tickle. Poem.  Circles.  Shadows.  Faith.  Self.  Others.  Truth.  Home.  Projects. Conversation.  Apricity (my daughter taught me that word the other day and I am smitten with it).  Snow.  Dreams.  Fluidity.  Friendship.  Belief.  Follow-through.  Table.  Community.  Window.  Kindness.  Teacher.  Student.  Here (yes, again) (apparently, I need the reminder).


And you?  What are your words of now?
(share below in the comments) or (write privately at home) but (give it a try)

Sending a little love your way, m





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18 thoughts on “It Begins with Rain

  1. Riley – Snow – Wind – Shoveling – Sore – Wind – Crocheting – Finished – Quiet
    Snow – Pups – Baking – Dinner – Friends – Smiling – Tired

  2. Hi…..sunshine, shadows, flowers, wind, grandkids, lunch, funeral, mirror, hair, light, camera, water, laundry, sad, peace, friend, rug, floor, baking…..

  3. sunshine. music. heat. shadows. waffles. friday. promises. lazy. relaxed. wondering. wandering. listening. waiting. hoping. sweet texts. journals. doodles. stirfry. garlic. lemon. openminded. honesty. tears. change. pep talks. letting go. hope. hope. hope.

  4. Wind! 60mph+ Wind! 60mph+ Wind! 60mph+ Wind! 60mph+ Wind! 60mph+ …Sunshine. Clouds – moving rapidly. TickTock. TickTock. TickTock. Tinkle…wind chime…Creak…doors…Computer sounds in background…Wind! 60mph+ Wind! 60mph+ …the biggest smile as I post this comment.
    Thanks and Cheers~

  5. rain. rain. wind. comfort. cozy. lazy. snoring (popeye). friendship. community. content. joy. cozy (again). comfy. peace. soft. tea. warmth. love. connection. happy. fresh.

  6. apricity! Love this word, the definition, and the fact that you’re daughter told you about it.

  7. Buzz. Ceiling fan. Coffee. Arms. Belly. Snuggles. Diapers. Poop. Pee. Wipes. Laundry. Soup. Muffins. Pie. Memories. Stories. Photographs. Tears. Coffee. Tea. Diapers. Laundry. Rocking chair. Full Moon.


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