It Begins with Hum

Words of now.  In all honesty.  (no editing)


Hum. Air conditioning. Bare feet. Granite. Sniffles (hers). Sunshine. Green (so much green). Uncertainty. (too full) Belly. Muscles. Pencil. Eraser. Phone.
Planner. Drawing (hers). Keys. Birdsong. Chair. Dishes (thankfully, clean). Questions (pretty much always). Wondering. Quiet.  Journal. Notes. Ideas. Dreams. (more) Questions. Hope. Goodness. Kindness. Friendship. Guidance. Hearts. Twinkle lights. Motherhood. Clueless-hood. Trust. Grace. Life (oh, this life). Books. Proposal. (more) Trust. Effort. Attending. Nourishing. Giving. Receiving. Here. Now.  Then. There. Both. And. How. Why. Because. Enough.


And you?  What are your words of now?
(share below in the comments) or (write privately at home) but (give it a try)


sending a little love your way, m


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P.P.S.  Barbara and I have a new diptych + quote over at Tandem Echoes.
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10 thoughts on “It Begins with Hum

  1. Baby giggles. Breast milk . Chubby thighs .
    Chia Pudding. Blueberries. Strawberries.
    Motorcycle thunder. Sea breezes. Salt air
    All the sushi . Edamame. Chardonnay.
    Laughter. Happy tears. Long talks.
    Baby toes. Pursed lips. Lap naps.
    So many lap naps … I have spoiled my grandson to the max !!!

    1. and so it begins with baby giggles. how delightful is that?
      I’m so happy you’re getting to spend special time with that dear grandson of yours!!! xxx

  2. quiet, still, birdsong, heavy (air), slow, inward, listless (yet) listening, resting, morning, gray, soft, content.
    (This is a lovely exercise. xx)

  3. Favorite mug 1/2 full, smooth handle, cool to the touch, hum of the fridge, automatic sprinklers shifting zones, birds chirping, sun shining, hummers fighting for their spot at the feeder, your notes in my inbox, this note before I’m fully awake, comfy chair pad-unswept floor from last night(didn’t feel good) groggy from cold medicine, (sore throat) shadow dance on my kitchen cabinet from magnolia tree and the slight breeze making her dance, mama Raven taking food we place in the feeder back to her babies(which we hope to be introduced to shortly) Xo

    😊Sent from my iPhone-you can always peek in to see what’s happening in my corner of the world:


    1. oh, I do hope you feel better, Kelly. in the meantime, I’m glad for the dancing magnolia and mama Raven, and all these other comforting things. xo

  4. Choirs of birds, gentle raindrops, and ice cubes clinking in my glass as I drink my morning coffee. This is a beautiful post, Michelle!


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