Did You Notice?

Did you notice that the first sip of coffee tasted extra good?

Did you notice how perfectly golden the pancakes were?

Did you notice the birds singing while you walked the dog?

Did you notice the dreams and desires she tucked into that conversation?

Did you notice the hint of dimples when he halfway-smiled?

Did you notice most of the oven-roasted tomatoes caramelized just right even though a few burned when you got distracted?

Did you notice how she calmed down when you calmed down?

Did you notice how much simpler it became when you did what absolutely needed doing and let the rest slide?

Did you notice how you missed him in the middle of the day?

Did you notice the quiet and contentment in those few minutes, sitting on the floor?

Did you notice the gentle breeze?

Did you notice the shifting shadows?

Did you notice the growing awareness?


Did you notice?
Did you?


Sending a little love your way, m


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9 thoughts on “Did You Notice?

  1. dear Michelle, your blog is peaceful, it’s 10:30 am and in my living room browsing your space. i noticed the cardinal song early morning while i was still in bed, i noticed the heavy rain during the night, now i can still hear few droplets of rain outside. thanks for the beautiful photos and words. hugs!

    1. ahh, those are lovely things you’ve noticed and made part of your day, Elizabeth.
      wishing you more of this goodness…
      {and thanks for your kind words}

  2. Oh my, yes, I did. The birds, singing as dawn breaks and serenading us on our walk. Her smile when I pulled up to the train station, his tense shoulders relaxing as we lingered at the dinner table with a bottle of wine, the softness of his fur as he lay curled next to me…

    I noticed it all and am thankful. xx


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