I Just Want to Say Thank You

I’m finishing up a summer round of Just Five Things.  As is often the case, I have mixed feelings when a course comes to a close.  On the one hand, I’d love to keep going because the work with my students is so, so good (they are amazing).  On the other hand, I’m ready to step back (running a heart-centered course requires time and effort).


The more online classes I run, the more I see how wonderful it is to gather in community.  I’ve taken various classes online myself and some lend themselves to community building more than others; it all depends on the course material and the guide/instructor.  From the beginning – with my first round of 28 Moments – I have been keen to create spaces that support community, encourage growth, and feel safe.  I want to share dedicated content that I’ve created for my students (for you) and I want to do it in a thoughtful, heartfelt, gather-in-close kind of way.


Just Five Things, in particular, lends itself to repeat participation.  Because of this, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of my students over time. This is a true privilege.  Time and time again, I am touched deeply by the honest conversations and the open hearts.  The students in my classes thank me…but, so often, I want to thank them (and I do).  It’s all a bit magical.  But know that there’s effort behind that magic.  From me, yes.  Also, from my students. They dive into the work, and I see them bloom.  I watch them celebrate their own magic.


Because some of my students come back for multiple rounds, I’ve been privy to delightful intimacies.  I know one woman’s favorite cereal.  I know another woman’s favorite summertime vegetable.  I know the color of one woman’s favorite mug.  I know who’s moving house and who’s retiring.  I know one woman who doesn’t care much for exploring prompts pertaining to food (but she will do it, if it comes up).  I know several women who have recovered from debilitating illness and accidents.  I know women who work hard daily to manage chronic health conditions.  I know women just entering motherhood and I know women with the wisdom that comes with years of motherhood. Best of all…I know countless women who have the biggest of hearts.  I have learned tender things about beautiful people.


It’s wonderful when I can create work that speaks to my heart which, in turn, speaks to the hearts of others.  When I wrap up a class, I step away from the experience with a fuller heart, with a renewed sense of what life is and what this world can be.  Today, I want to say thank you:  thank you for being here in this space.  Whether you’ve taken my classes or you read this blog, whether you receive my Monthly Notes or follow me on Instagram (any, or all of the above!), thank you.  I could not do this work without you.  The community, the back-and-forth…it’s a joint effort.  In this tiny corner of the world where you and I explore the tiny, tiny moments, I feel so much love.


Thank you.  Thank you.

Sending a little love your way, m


19 thoughts on “I Just Want to Say Thank You

  1. Thank you sweet Michelle for being an honest thought provoking prompt facilitator – I love returning to your classes – it’s like slipping on a well loved cardigan (knitted of course).

  2. Sending you so much love, Michelle! I owe a large (HUGE) part of my growth as a photographer and as a creative to your wonderful courses, they are such beautiful, thoughtful sanctuaries that provide room to grow and connect. xx

    P.S. And I know which friend you speak of who has a special cereal! ;)

    1. Thank you, Grace, that’s such a lovely thing for me to hear. I have enjoyed every minute of working/sharing with you. xo

      P.S. so fun to know these things, eh?!

  3. It is lovely to see your intentional face. I haven’t been writing as much, lately, instead focusing on the present joy of raising an independent, creative, athletic preschooler in my 56rh year and keeping those mommy cords as taunt as manageable for as long as he allows. But every time I get a hit from you, Sometimes Mondays, a monthly musing, etc, it’s all fodder and catalyst for what’s to come, whether it flows from my pen or my activist’s mouth or my Facebook feeds. It’s a scarey world “out there” right now, especially for children, so thank you for helping to focus our minds and hearts on all the good folk and good deeds about. The fight for right without comes best from being balanced within. You are ballast for an huge army. Aloha from volcano erupting, landslides destructing, always growing Hawai`i

  4. When I am in one of your classes, enjoying the time to write and reflect, I often think of how life is on your end. You are so present and encouraging. I know that takes much time away from your days. I hope you know how much I appreciate the space you have opened up for me.

    1. Juliann, it’s always a pleasure to have you in classes! You are thoughtful and have a kind heart; it’s wonderful to witness the work you do. I’m appreciating you and your thoughtful comment so much. Thank YOU. xo

  5. What a lovely post, Michelle. I have not been overly present on blogs or anywhere of late. I check in every now and then, but still always feel ‘part’ of it all. You make being part of instagram, the blog world etc. a warm and beautiful place to be, along with many other lovely people. Thank you xx

    1. Sweet Jane, there’s a lot of goodness in this online world, isn’t there? The balance for so many of us, then, is to enjoy that goodness while also attending to the goodness in our real-time world. I’m so very glad to share in the goodness with you. You are always so thoughtful and kind. xx

      1. I am really good thank you, dear Elizabeth. I just need to get better at time management, then I will be back in the game!! You see, this is why I love these communities, people checking on you. Love you xx


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