It Begins with Zinnias

Words of now.  (no editing)



Zinnias. Evening.  Sunshine.  Shadows. Rose tea.  Birches.  Green grass. Lavender.  Hum.  Summer. Tired.  Long.  Questions (always).  Sisters. Mother.  Father.  Children. Grandparents.  Questions (again).  Preparing.  Waiting. Wondering.  Dancing.  Sitting. Waiting (still).  Trying.  Whispers. Laughter.  Fingers.  Rings. Love.  Circles.  Holding. Safety.  Home.  Surprise. Edges.  Insides.  Intersection. Happy.  Neutral.  Expanding. Contracting.  Sifting.  Belief. Faith.  Grace.  All. Everything.  Nothing.  Something. Careful.  Respect.  Welcome. Reconciled.  Here.  Hello. Curious.  Them.  Us. Together.  One.



What are your words of now?
(share in the comments below) or (write privately at home) but (give it a try)


sending a little love your way, m




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10 thoughts on “It Begins with Zinnias

  1. AC, fan, cool, colour, parties, plans, cooking, baking, stalling, procrastinating, writing, ha!, responding, circles, peace, friends, keiki, details, tiny, huge, boys, big, birthdays, keiki, ‘ohana, packing, planes, reunions, summer, sweat, sweet, sour, sigh

      1. I just realized I wrote keiki twice. Probably as they grown from 10 approximate 3-4 year olds to 36!!! 1-16 year olds and 29 friggin adults. My penance for projecting too much fun. I’ll send you the birthday poem if I’m still standing after Wednesday. I echo others: love this space you create.

        1. Oh, sometimes I write the same word twice too! I think it’s meant to be…our subconscious is telling us something. In fact, in my words above, “questions” and “waiting” both come up twice!!

          Sounds like you had quite a party! I’ll bet it was awesome. And I’d be honored to read the birthday poem.

          As for this space…thank you for your kind words. It’s such a pleasure to have exchanges like this. xo

  2. memories. kitty purrs. green view. fan blowing. hugs. pillows. bandaid. technology. fingers. eyeglasses. hair in chin–plucked. smoothie. hubby’s soothing snores. family. blessed. numbers. PJs. journal club. grateful.

  3. friendship. joy. timeless. cool. tender. roses. waiting. patience. wishes. dreams. soft. quiet. pause. peace. rest. calm. balance. hunger. anticipation. apprehension. courage. ❤️

  4. Stillness.
    Coffee. Open door. Early breeze. Fir needles. Asphalt. Sunrise. Trash Day. Black cat. Sleeping children.
    Wood. Saw. Bolts. Husband. Deck.
    Water. Sunlight. Blankets. Prayer. Swans. Trumpets. Longing.
    Wood floors. Sunlight. Leaves. Gold. Rustle. Hammock.

    (Thank you for this invitation–just what my parched writing soul needed.)


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