:: Noticing the Moments ::

Taking some time to reflect upon my week…

::  watching the autumn sedum begin to color…each day the pinks get a tiny bit deeper…these sedum are an autumnal marker for me…they feel like an old friend

::  finally finishing an essay that I started months (months!) ago and submitting it for online publication…I’ll let you know if it’s accpeted

::  waking earlier than usual the other morning so that I could write (more) thoughts in my journal and sip (more) tea from my mug…the house was dark, outside was dark…it was quiet and peaceful and just what I needed

::  enjoying this cookbook, Small Victories…a dear friend recommended it (thanks, P), and I was thrilled that my library had a copy available…I’ve tried three things (all good) and have bookmarked more…my friend and I agree that she’s the kind of chef/cookbook author who empowers you, who kind of demystifies things and nudges you to go forth and experiment…yes, enjoying it very much

::  our dishwasher not working…me going through the manual and looking for helpful advice on You Tube…me jiggling a few things…our dishwasher now working (me feeling super handy)

::  climbing into bed the past couple nights with another book from the library (thank you, library) (and thank you, P)…Tell Me More…it is touching my heart

::  clipping a few zinnias for the kitchen windowsill…I heart zinnias


How has your week been?  What have you noticed, felt, experienced?  I’d love to hear.
Tell me and us below.  Or write your own blog post and link back.
And if you play on Instagram, come visit me @michelle_gd and use the tag #tinytinymoments


Sending a little love your way, m


P.S.  No affiliate links here…just linking for ease, and because they’re things I’m enjoying.

8 thoughts on “:: Noticing the Moments ::

  1. We had a family fun day on Friday…took advantage of free entry to the aquarium + a day off for my husband. And then my husband and I had a date night. It was amazing to enter the weekend relaxed and recharged and in a much better place mentally and relationship-wise.

    I love getting cookbooks from the library–that way I can try them out before committing! I’ve got What’s Gaby Cooking: Everyday California Food by Gaby Dalkin checked out right now…haven’t made anything from it yet, but several recipes bookmarked to try.

    1. I looove the sound of your Friday, especially since you entered the weekend relaxed and recharged…wishing you more of that in the weeks to come!

      YES to trying cookbooks out as a library loan! (me too, me too!)
      …and now I’m off to look up the cookbook you have from your library…thanks for mentioning!

  2. Those little flower heads are so sweet!! Book looks good too thank you… though I’m simply not buying any more cookery books…if I were to, that would be on the list.
    It’s been a week of ticking things off the list. Getting back into the groove of homework encouragement, getting prepared on a Sunday for easy to make meals for the evenings, writing reminders of the extra things that need sorting… I’ve enjoyed lighting a candle each evening, thinking when is it ok to make chai mix for lattes… and wearing socks in the house in the evening. Wishing you a lovely weekend xx 🍃

    1. I love getting cookbooks from the library to give them a whirl. And that second book, Tell Me More…look in your library for it…it’s a beautiful read.
      Your rhythms right now feel comforting and full of love and home.
      There’s much to be said for Sunday prep, isn’t there? As for chai latte mix and socks in the evening…yes, please.
      Wishing you a lovely weekend as well! xo

  3. we are settling into our ordinary routine after being out of town, it feels wonderful to be doing the same old same old. My house is kind of messy and I should clean it up but maybe after I knit a few rows :)


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