I Have No Words

Here’s the thing.  I’ve written and rewritten (and rewritten) a post to share today, and nothing feels satisfying or appropriate.


There’s the skein of gorgeous alpaca yarn you see above. Grey and soft, so soft.


But there’s also the unsettling craziness of our US government.  Abuses of power, dishonesty, sexual misconduct, general immorality.  Everybody talking, but not everybody listening.


How can I talk to you about that beautiful yarn?  I just can’t.  Believe me, I tried.


So I’m popping in today with a public service announcement for those of you living in the United States.  Your voice matters.  If you live in the United States, make sure you’re registered to vote and please vote on November 6th (there’s still time to register in most, if not all, states…go here).  If you live outside the United States, your voice matters too in your country.


We are all equal.  Let’s treat one another as such.  No matter the gender, the color, the ethnicity, the sexual orientation.  Each of us is equal and deserving of respect.


Wherever you live:   Pay attentionListen.  Be involved, as you’re able.


Sending a little love your way, m



12 thoughts on “I Have No Words

  1. …and love back to you, dear one, as we make our way. Continue to unearth the hope needed to get through all this. Kathy

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  2. I’m utterally disgusted at our government-by our leader. The mere mention of his voice, or his name makes my blood rush. He needs to be gone from office. If his wife and daughters aren’t embarrassed by his words and behavior…shame on them.

    1. Oh, Kelly, I hear you.
      I am hoping that this chaos (as uncomfortable and not-okay as it is) is the beginning of change. I shake my head a lot and am left with very big question marks…

  3. oh my dear! i’m in canada, but literally, so close to the US t​hat everything there affects us here. glad we have a wonderful PM that keeps the things in order here. it’s sad to see how a great country as the US is slowly doing down with this government hugs to you!

    1. Elizabeth, I’m so glad you have the PM that you do. I’m hoping things will shift in the not-too-distant future for the US. If nothing else, I hope this is a wake-up call for those of us living here…we must stay involved. And please accept apologies on my behalf for the ways in which our poor leadership affects you, our dear neighbors to the north ;)


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