Things That Are Supporting Me

A few things that have supported me this week…


:: lots of walks…the crisp, autumn air (finally!)…the leaves, the breeze

:: meditation

:: lighting candles…at my desk, during meals

:: soup…I am craving soups of all kinds

:: a good, long chat with a good friend…(and we had soup)

:: my daughter made me a ‘Creative Flow’ potion

:: getting to bed on time

:: writing in the morning

:: clipping the hydrangea and bringing it indoors

:: making lemon pancakes for the kids…because making something they love makes me happy

:: sweet potatoes…I’ve been on a bit of a kick

:: a new knitting project


What about you?  What felt good for you this week, or lately?
I’d love suggestions for ways we can all support ourselves…


Sending a little love your way, m



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11 thoughts on “Things That Are Supporting Me

  1. Sunshine…. not sure it’s what we should have but I’m drinking it in, the pumpkins & squash on our table…not sure if I can eat them now they’re such friends, feelings of confidence in who I am now but then not knowing (yet) where to go with that, an amazing book about trees, listening to Tom Odel on repeat <3

  2. We *finally* got a long-awaited cold front and it feels more like fall now–opened up the house today to let the breeze in and it felt amazing.

    Good books–currently reading The Good Neighbor: The Life and Work of Fred Rogers. He’s one of my role models and learning more about him makes me happy.

    And a brace for my hand is providing literal support–hopefully resting/healing my thumb/tendons will let me knit (and lots of other things) again soon!

    1. I loved reading these, Helena. I’m so grateful that the colder, fall air has finally moved in here too. And Mr. Rogers…he was a such a good man, wasn’t he? As for the literal support of your brace…hooray! I hope it helps the healing!

  3. Pilates! I’ve gotten in the habit of doing 15 minutes of Pilates and 15 minutes of meditation each morning. I feel so much better, knowing I’m looking after my health. xoxo

  4. I know for sure it was the potion that held you strong. I have been energized by the cold weather and am thinking up all the creative ideas that I want to do! I love this time of year.

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