:: Randoming ::

We got snow!

Some random things..

::  Do you have old photos of your mother when she was younger?

::  You don’t need a grinder for your salt.

::  Here are some thoughts on feeling and being present versus numbing.

::  I must make this soon.  Yum.

::  This looks delicious too.

::  I bought this pattern a few weeks ago.  Now I need some yarn and a cozy seat.

::  I kinda love this little Christmas tree.


Happy clicking!

Sending a little love your way, m


6 thoughts on “:: Randoming ::

  1. I don’t have old photos of my mom before she had us (they all still reside at my parents’ house), as the article talks about, but I was going through my childhood photo album the other day with my daughter and came across a few of my mom during Christmas when we were little–she has the same expression of bemused exhaustion that I’ve seen in the mirror during our own holiday celebrations. I don’t remember her being anything but enthusiastic at the time, so maybe my kids will remember that I was there and not remember how tired I look as well. :)

    Also, that spice article is great. :)

    1. I like to think our kids won’t remember the bemused exhaustion on any of our faces, more that they’ll remember our loving and consistent presence…at least this is what I hope!
      And wasn’t that spice article interesting?! I liked it too!

  2. Snow here, too, which I don’t love but I’m trying to just accept. That’s a great combination of links, some fun, some serious. I’m working on letting myself feel the things I want to avoid. It’s not fun and it’s not easy but it matters.

    1. For your sake, Carole, I hope your snow melts fast!
      And I’m glad you enjoyed the links. As for the feeling versus avoiding, you’re right…not fun and definitely not easy…but, as you said, it matters. Yes, it matters so much. Working hard on this too, right alongside you.


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