:: Ten Things ::

Ten Things.  Right Now.

1.  the wind…it’s cold, but it feels so good…it lifts (branch, hair, spirit)
2.  the pup at my feet…her loyalty, her furriness, her unconditional love
3.  the sky…vast, open…covering, holding, reflecting
4.  the last of the leaves…falling…unpretentious, somehow regal
5.  my fleece jacket, my handknit hat, my son’s old gloves…so many kinds of warmth
6.  this pause…after the work…before more work
7.   anticipation of weekend visitors…happiness
8.  strength
9.  the end of a month…the beginning of another…the way it all flows along
10. this spot, beneath the birches…home


And you?  What is your right now??

Sending a little love your way, m


P.S.  Tomorrow’s the last day to register for Just Five Things.  We begin Monday!

5 thoughts on “:: Ten Things ::

  1. winter’s darkness has arrived at 5:30 pm est …
    the tick, tick of the clock …
    the lingering scent of a candle, now unlit …
    pausing to close my eyes…and breathe

  2. Right now, wind and rain and darkness, cooking comfort food for dinner, looking forward to a photo trip with my pal tomorrow, and family visitation Sunday. #itsallgood 😊 have a fab weekend Michelle.


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