A Few December Things {2018}

I dried oranges slices yesterday.  Super simple and I can’t wait to string them on some twine.  They’d be sweet hung on a Christmas tree or strung into a garland (I’m going the garland route).  Have a peek here for how I did it.  (I kept mine in a little longer to deepen the color, but almost deepened them too much.  Don’t get cocky with that low temperature!  It’s definitely possible to burn the slices.)

It’s so nice to have time this year for projects like this.  Last year’s holidays were overly full for me.  I’ve had a few deadlines this month – I’m wrapping up a round of Just Five Things today (the ladies always touch my heart) and I did a food photography shoot earlier this week – but mostly this December has felt more spacious.  I like that.

I touched upon spaciousness (and my wishes for you) in my December Note.  If you don’t receive my Monthly Notes, you can have a peek right here.

I also want to share this with you:  Quarterly, the ViewFinders contributors create a community post in which we each share an image and text based upon a chosen theme.  For our most recent community post, we chose a favorite image from 2018….which was no small feat for any of us, but we did it!  What we’ve put together collectively is a beautiful post. I hope you’ll hop over and have a peek. I’m sure you’ll feel the love coming through.

While the oranges were drying in the oven yesterday, I made the first (of many) batches of this deliciousness.  It’s one of our favorite gifts to give this time of year; we’re told by friends that it’s a favorite to receive as well.  Win-win.

And I’ve been listening to Christmas music (duh).  I made a playlist of some mellow renditions.  Wanna listen?


I hope you’re enjoying your December days.

Sending a little love your way, m


13 thoughts on “A Few December Things {2018}

  1. I’m enjoying the playlist as I write this quick note…it’s been the soundtrack to my day today:) Thank you for passing it along. Really, for alllll that you pass along.

    I hope the rest of the month (and into the new year) finds you continuing to enjoy that special sense of spaciousness (such a good thing), and much else besides…peace and rest, giggles and goodness, and oh-so-many magical moments…just for starters.

    And while I have absented myself lately from much of life online, I have to say I did miss participating in this recent round of Just Five. Proof that even a quiet follow-along does indeed make a difference. So, I’ll be there on the next go ’round, whenever that comes to pass.

    Meanwhile, glad tidings to you and your kin…I wish you a {very} Merry Christmas and a {wonderfully} Happy New Year Michelle! xox

    1. Sending you the biggest hug, Shannon. Thank you for everything you’ve written; I appreciate you and your kind heart so much.
      Wishing you and yours the sweetest of holidays, and the gentlest of new years. xxx

  2. There is so much goodness in this post, Michelle! I have so enjoyed Just 5 Things, a real lifesaver during these past two weeks. I took a look at the Viewfinders post and really enjoyed everyone’s choices. I’m getting to know which photographs go with which photographers pretty well!

    I love your orange garland, I have thought about doing the same but also with apples. I used to make the garlands years ago when the girls were young, they are so festive. Now I worry that the mice will just have a feast, LOL!

    Have a wonderful Christmas! My wanderer, Michelle is napping next to me on the couch while I write this, Popeye snuggled in her arms. It is so good to have her home! xoxo

    1. Aw, that last part made me smile so big! Enjoy these special days with your girls home for the holidays. What a treat!

      And I’m glad for all the rest you’ve written too.
      Yeah, I imagine you might have to be careful with garlands like this if you have resident mice ;)

  3. Lovely thoughts, I have been working at a more spacious December too! And, yes – it feels so good!

    Thank you for the lovely playlist! (And, though I have been quiet this time on Just 5 Things, it has been most impactful – thank you!)

    1. I’m so glad to know your December is more spacious too, Kat. Definitely feels good!

      Enjoy the playlist :)
      And I’m really glad to know J5T has been impactful for you…thank you for telling me…and very glad you’ve been doing it how you need to do it.) xoxo

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