:: Dear Thursday ::

Dear Thursday,

Thank you for beginning with meditation.  Thank you for the cinnamon roll that came soon after. Thank you for the walk with my daughter and pup.  Thank you for the wind, even though that wind made our walk colder. Thank you for texts with people I love.  Thank you for a break mid-afternoon (tea and a little reading were just the ticket).  Thank you for another day with my kids. Thank you for helping me to move through the to-do list even though I was feeling a little out of sorts.  Thank you for reminding me that, even when I feel out of sorts, it’s okay (and sometimes I still need to keep doing).  Thank you for being gentle in that doing.  Thank you for the sun that peeked out at day’s end.  Thank you for the beeswax candle that flickered on the kitchen counter while I prepared dinner.  Thank you for not being out of the ordinary (because I rather like the ordinary).  Thank you for being just what I needed you to be.


What was your Thursday like?  Share in the comments below, or jot down your memories in a journal or on a piece of scrap paper.  Sometimes it’s nice to look back as we begin to move forward.


Sending a little love your way, m


P.S.  Happy New Year!
P.P.S.  Barbara and I have a new quote to share…click here.


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