Some Things I Love


The way the pup curls up in her bed so that, at a quick glance, I can’t tell where her feet or head begin or end.

The way the washing machine swishes and swirls, makes our clothes-towels-sheets clean, just like that.

The way mornings are quiet. 

The way yoga feels like coming home.

The way the wind stirs my soul.

The way a good conversation with a good friend can shift everything.

The way a bowl of hot soup on a blustery day checks off so many boxes.

The way climbing into bed with a good book at the end of the day comforts.

The way my kids and husband fill my heart and color who I am.

The way the moon reminds me to take a breath.


…just some things I love.
How about you??


Sending a little love your way, m


12 thoughts on “Some Things I Love

  1. I’m finishing up a quick internet session, you are the last (saved the best). I’m drinking some much needed tea and going to be knitting shortly!! I loved having the kids home and seeing spamalot on tour up in Scranton, what a fun fun fun musical!

    1. How fun that you saw Spamalot…I bet it’s hilarious! So nice that the kids were home too. That makes me happy for you :)
      Thanks for hopping over here to visit and I hope this coming week is filled with more tea and knitting for you!

  2. It’s chilly and rainy outside, I’m pretty sure I don’t have to go anywhere for the rest of the afternoon, and I *love* that feeling of being home for the day. I’ve started taking Sundays away from Facebook and I’m loving the space and quiet in my mind as a result. Loving the tri-color hibiscus outside my window that is very slooowly opening up today. And loving the birds visiting the feeder next to it–all our winter visitors are here and it’s so fun to see them. Wrapping my hands around a mug of hot tea, thinking about seaming up the fingerless mitts I finally finished knitting for myself, and then possibly playing a game with my 6yo–loving the coziness of these prospects.

    Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday, Michelle.

    1. Your Sunday sounds full of warmth and coziness, Helena…so much to love. I’m glad you shared these bits with us. It all feels like a hug.
      (And my Sunday was very lovely, thank you. xo)

  3. The way my grandson giggles deeply at his puppy dogs They way the gulf coast kisses my memories The way sand feels between my toes The way strong coffee goes down smoothly this morning The way he hugs me The way this deep strong craft beer caresses my throat and warms my blood The way I am snuggled up to read what my friends write all about

    I love you Michelle


    Sent from my iPhone


    1. “The way the gulf coast kisses my memories”–I love this. I grew up near the Gulf and it still holds a large part of my heart.

  4. Today I’m loving a cup of tea, fleecy socks, and warm winter woollies. I am not loving having a bad cold, but there are worse things in life. Have a good weekend Michelle.


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