Look Again

So often, when I come to this space or this space, I’m at a loss for words.  I only know that there’s something I want to say.  I tread lightly because I don’t wish (ever) to contribute to the noise Out There (there’s so much).  A lot of it is good, don’t get me wrong; still, so much.

I finally sit to write on this Friday evening, wanting to share something.  But what? What else haven’t you already come across today…on some other blog, on Instagram, on Facebook?  Maybe I can’t offer you new, but I can offer you me.  And this is what I do, maybe…extend myself to you, in the interest of encouraging community. If I don’t teach you something brand new, I offer invitations to look at things in a different way, or maybe in the same way but to look another time.  Because, often, (always?) life warrants a second looking.

To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.
~Mary Oliver~

Don’t pay such close attention to what he or she or everyone else is doing. It’s good to visit with others, nice to keep an eye on what’s Out There, but pay closest attention to what you are doing. Be kind, show compassion.  Pay attention:  to the sky above, to the ground beneath, to the heart within.

That’s what I want to say.  That’s my something.

Look again.  It’s so nice to know you’re out there looking too.

Sending a little love your way, m


16 thoughts on “Look Again

  1. And so much love back at you.
    There is so much noise, which is why your words and images are always so lovely. They hit a special place in the heart that only kindred spirits can hear through the din…

  2. I love visiting blogs and the time it takes. I get overwhelmed with IG and everyone I want to see, not finding people I want to see. It’s just complicated. I think because I am only on IG a few times a week it makes the feed worse for me.

    I will go to blog and I won’t have many photos but then I stop and think but I was living in the moment, that is what life is all about, being present, savoring life. So I use what I have and I’m happy.

  3. I love looking at the small everyday things that we encounter. I was taking my son to a college night class this week. He was very stressed over his physics class and taking a test. We happened to be behind a school bus and he was so worried that he was going to be late to meet up with the professor for some extra help. I knew we would be a few minutes late but it is what it is. As the bus stopped and opened the door, three little boys hopped out and ran to their houses as fast as their little legs could carry them. Book bags were flying, coats open, hair all a mess and giant smiles on their faces. I could not help but laugh. The freedom they felt at that moment was a little contagious! I looked at my son and said that is what you need to pay attention to each day!
    I enjoy your notes so much. They remind me to keep paying attention. Thank you.

    1. I love this story you’ve shared, Angela…thank you for sharing. What a great teaching moment for your son! Yes to paying attention to the expressions of joy, to the beauties big and small. Yes indeed.

      And I’m so glad you enjoy my notes and that they help you stay on the path of paying attention. Thank you for telling me. xo

  4. Such a lovely surprise to find your post in my feed this morning. And timely too! Generally I wake up early and get busy with things of the real world and virtual world. Today I stay a few minutes in bed only thing about myself, I didn’t want to break that feeling of listening to my thoughts, keeping a distance of everything else. It’s easy to get corrupted by the life and creativity of others, now with all this online shower of posts, I love IG but sometimes it’s too much. Have a lovely weekend my dear friend!

    1. Elizabeth, I love that you allowed yourself the extra time to linger and stay with yourself this morning!
      I absolutely understand how IG/online can get to be too much…believe me, I get it! More of what you did this morning, more of what you and Grace are doing (and Angela above)…coming back to yourself and your own experiences…that’s it, right there. xo

      I hope you have a lovely weekend too!

  5. Dear Michelle, this came on a day when I was questioning my recent lag in creativity. I was on Instagram, seeing how productive my friends currently are, and began comparing myself to them (unkindly). Finally, I asked myself a simple question: am I content with my life right now? My answer was an immediate yes. I like the current rhythm of my days, I’m knitting and reading and am generally happy. Your post is an important reminder to not get caught up in the thankless cycle of comparing my accomplishments (or lack of) with others. This moment now is what matters and right now I am more in tune with the world around me than I have been for a while. xoxo

    1. Dear Grace, I just commented here, and now I’m reading your comment! It is so similar to mine. I’m feeling the same in relation to IG. I love to post and the community I have there, but like you said, sometimes it’s too much, it starts to interfere with our own creativity, our own steps, we start to feel failure. More than ever, ‘this moment now is what matters’. Thanks, my friend!

    2. Ah, Grace. The way you’re checking in with yourself…that’s the ticket. It’s a delicate dance on IG/online, being inspired without falling into the comparison game. Good for you, good for you. xo


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