Something New

I’m working on something new right now.

While I love leading my online classes (I’ll have a new run of Just Five Things for you soon…next one is in April), I’ve been curious about bringing things into real time. In a few weeks, I’ll have just that opportunity.

As a homeschooling parent, I feel fortunate (in many ways) to open special doors for my kids. One of those doors is to classes like Stage Combat and Architecture and hands-on Science Labs and Creative Writing and Foreign Language (and more) at this place, a true boon to homeschoolers in Northern Virginia. Both my kids have taken classes there for years, and it’s with much pleasure that I plan for a class of my own at this wonderful campus.

I know you, dear readers, are spread out across the globe (which is way cool) but, on the off chance that some of you live in my neck of the woods (or maybe you know someone who lives in my neck of the woods), I wanted to mention this information here.

Northern Virginia? Homeschooling family? Teens in the house? This one’s for you.

Details for this class, a four-week Creative Journaling Workshop for teens (with link to registration), can be found right here.

I can’t wait!


And, no matter where you are in this great wide world, I hope that your day is filled with goodness. I’ll be back next week to share some random links-love with you.

Sending a little love your way, m

6 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Sounds wonderful! As my kids are getting older, I’m loving the opportunities that come up and present themselves in the homeschool community. It’s such a great, supported, time to homeschool. Good luck with the class!


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