:: Randoming ::


Some random things…

:: This article on exercise is interesting and encouraging.  Keep at it!  (and if you haven’t started yet, there’s no time like the present.)

:: I’ve been reading some books on minimalism.  When I stumbled upon this article geared towards creatives, well, let’s just say it felt timely.

:: Here are some great suggestions for living a little more gently on our Earth.

:: Breath as love note? Yes, please.  

:: A good friend gifted me this book at Christmastime.   Here’s one of Adam’s recent posts on Instagram that I love.

:: Another sweet Instagram post…care for a long walk??

:: I’ve only knit scarves, hats, and fingerless mitts so far, but I think I’m ready for something new. Maybe if I start this now, I can finish it by summer (I’m a very slow knitter).  

:: Like plants?  Have a look around this site.  I love them.  My daughter was gifted a plant recently (from The Sill) and it didn’t fare well.  After I sent an email with a photo of her fading plant, they quickly resent a replacement…and an apology gift!

:: This short film (just over five minutes) is pretty incredible.  If you have earbuds handy, use them. And I highly recommend clicking through on the link to read more about the making of the video (see text beneath film clip).

Happy clicking, friends!

Sending a little love your way, m


P.S. no affiliate links. just sharing some things I like.

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