It Begins with Tea

Words of now. (no editing)


Tea. Honey. Lemon. An almost-sore throat. Hint. Idea. Trouble. No worry. Today. Just one. Friend. Coffee. Store. Food. Luxury. Car. Highway. Home. Family. Love. Kindness. Understanding. Misunderstanding. Foundation. Exploration. Support. Love (again) (more, please). Always. Forever. Sometimes. Okay. How do you do? Fine. Not fine. Better. Best. Okay. Enough. Hello. Good day. Bad day. In between. Fluid. One to the next. Here. There. Right here. Now. Sunshine. Early. Sweet. Warm. Gentle. Insistent. Turn. Together. Quiet. Laughter. Talk. Silence. Nod. Listen. Feel. Hear. Heart.


What are your words of now?
(share in the comments below) or (write privately at home) but (do give it a try) just (write whatever comes to mind)


Sending a little love your way, m


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17 thoughts on “It Begins with Tea

  1. my words for now: computering – enjoying my son’s spring break visit – carrot cake for husband’s birthday – a CLEAN house – laundry running – tons of snow – and more snow!

  2. coffee sunshine love sharing cooking sharing walking talking coffee digging snow cold sunshine planning sewing creating happy goodnight

    Connie xoxo


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