One More Time

Before I fall asleep each night, I think about three good things from my day.  Just in my head, anything that comes to mind.  I’ve come to love this moment after I’ve switched off the light, rested head on pillow, pulled covers to chin.  I sometimes catch myself smiling.  I’ve grown to love this tiny ritual.

It’s so simple.

I write gratitudes in my journal, but some time ago (one year, two?) I started making these nightly mental notes of goodness as well.  I think about blessings and fortunes throughout the day (some days it’s easier than others) but there’s something about this sweet ritual of sinking into bed, ready for sleep, and first pausing to think intentionally one more time before closing my eyes.  If I had a day that was overly full or maddeningly fast, I have this chance—this one more time—to engage with intention.

It’s so simple.

Just three things.  And I’ll tell you that thinking of them as good things versus gratitude subtly (very subtly) shifts things for me.  Opens the door just a bit wider for possibilities of what to note.  Thinking of what was good in a day feels light to me. While I’ll be the first in line to encourage others to journal gratitudes, I’ll also be the first in line to concede that the word gratitude can feel heavy some days.  Like there’s some expectation of what one should be thankful for.

But turn the word (turn the intention) to goodness and weight is lifted.  I often feel grateful as I’m snuggled in bed and thinking of the good, but there’s a shift in how I’m holding everything in my mind (in my heart).  I don’t know how to describe it other than to say that it feels lighter.

My son’s smile.  The melted cheese.  The yoga class.

It’s so simple.  Three good things before you close your eyes each night.  The goodness, the gratitude, whatever you wish to call it…one more time.


Sending a little love your way, m



P.S.  My spring run of Just  Five Things will be starting soon.  You can read about and register for class here.



10 thoughts on “One More Time

  1. I’m registered and I’m excited for another time spent on thoughts with you. I like this idea of thinking of three good things. Right now my three are: the gym, slurpy noodle soup and the kindness of people.


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