:: Ten Things ::

Ten things.  Right now.

1.  my daughter’s violin lesson…Vivaldi’s Spring…the melody, the harmony…the joy
2.  sunshine on my desk
3.  the pup lying by my feet
4.  feeling thirsty…need water
5.  books, papers on my desk…a bit of a mess
6.  clouds in the sky…the bare branches of the birches against the sky…the hint of buds
7.  birthday balloons…colored pencils…blues and greens
8.  just back to my desk after accompanying my daughter and her teacher…piano, two violins…Vivaldi
9.  the sun gone…now, a cloud-covered sky
10. the cows in the field…just past the trees…they make sweet neighbors

What’s your right now??


Sending a little love your way, m

P.S. Just Five Things starts soon!  Click here.

10 thoughts on “:: Ten Things ::

  1. I miss hearing the music the kids played while they lived in our house. Sometimes they play when they are visiting and that reminds me of all the daily music! My right now is catching up with the internet and blogs, sipping tea and feeling tired from attending a wedding yesterday.

    1. My mom always told me she loved hearing me practice the piano, and I never understood why until I had my own kids making music in our home. It’s awesome, isn’t it? I’m glad your grown kids play sometimes when they’re home; that must be so nice!
      And hope you enjoyed that tea and blog hopping while recuperating from the wedding (hope you had fun there too!).

  2. 1. #FiveDeepBreaths 2. FaceTime with my Grandson 3. hot coffee & cream in my favorite mug 4. twittering morning birds 5. Jacks flannel shirt..my current favorite garment #imisshimdearly 6. dye bundles awaiting me to reveal their magical colors 7. incense smoke curling and swirling around me 8. UPS deliveries to my front door 9. sautéing onion and mushroom for breakfast frittata 10. he cooks !!!!!!!

    much love,  Deb

    PS….I adore you

    1. I love so much about this list, Deb.
      #5…sending big hugs on that one. Hope you enjoyed that frittata and that the dye bundles were like presents to unwrap.
      PS…I adore you too.


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