Tabula Rasa

It’s the end of another week.  Another Friday.  After another Thursday after another Wednesday after another Tuesday after another…you get the idea.  And you might think that I’m headed towards some reflection on the tedium of it all…the endless repetition and cycle of days and weeks, months and years.

On the contrary.

It’s this one-after-the-other that brings me comfort.  I did yesterday; I can figure out today.  I lived last year alright; this year should be fine too. New things enter the equation, for sure. But I always figure out something. You always figure out something.  Yes?  We get by.

I’m wrapping up a run of Just Five Things with a wonderful group of women.  We’ve gone through a nice range of prompts and the past two weeks have been another opportunity to witness what happens when individuals show up to a practice, when they show up for themselves and for each other.

When I offer this class, I work new prompts into each run while also incorporating a few mainstays.  Even the mainstays, though, fall onto the page as a new list.  Because any day is not the same day lived five months ago.  Every day is a new day.  And we are, necessarily, a new and different person.  Subtly different, but different nonetheless.  We are new and we are fresh.

Which is kind of awesome.


Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others.
Unfold your own myth.
~ Rumi ~


I know there are days (weeks, months, years) that can be a real struggle.  But there comes a point, in every day (whether good or less good), when we lay head to pillow.  And then there comes a point when we open our eyes.  And then it’s a new day.

A blank page, a fresh start, a tabula rasa.

What will you do with yours???


Sending a little love your way, m


4 thoughts on “Tabula Rasa

  1. First, I love that photo, with the petals strewn about. We were up in Tennessee for a few days and got to see what a “real” spring is like, with flowers everywhere and cool fresh breezes–heavenly!

    Second, I agree that repetition can be a source of such comfort. Even the little things, like that first cup of tea in the morning (I’ve gotten my kids in the habit as well, though theirs is herbal!), are touchstones throughout the day (week/month/year). I realized that even more this weekend, when we were traveling and most of our routines were out the window for a few days. We had a great time, but all four of us are so very happy to be home in the familiar–all the more appreciated when contrasted with time away. This evening before I go to bed I’ll fill the electric kettle and set out mugs for morning, and enjoy my familiar evening routine, and tomorrow will be, as you say, a fresh start. (As for what I’ll do with it, probably the usual Tuesday list of homeschooling and household tasks and Girl Scout meeting, with some trip laundry thrown in–but I’m also going to try to get outside to poke around in the yard and see if any peaches have ripened while we were gone. New for tomorrow, but a familiar touchstone of spring.)

    1. How nice that you got to experience spring in a new area! Yes, flowers and spring breezes…heavenly indeed!

      And traveling (especially with children) has always reinforced how much I appreciate the familiar rhythms of home. I’m glad for your good trip…and glad for your being home safely now…welcome home! Enjoy the usual Tuesday. xo

      And peaches?! How lucky you are!!! What a fabulous spring touchstone…


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