:: Randoming ::

Some random things…

Do you have ducks or squirrels?

This short film about a street photographer.  Makes me want to get out there.

The easiest way to juice a lemon.  Maybe not when you need a decent amount for a recipe, but great for squeezing a bit into your glass of water or cup of tea.

I love a gift that supports a great effort.  My daughter’s bestie recently gifted her a bracelet from this organization.  Have a look around…such a good effort, 4Ocean.

After I sent out my May Note, I got a lovely email from Misty who, after reading what I wrote, wanted to share with me what she wrote. Now?  I want to share what she wrote with you.

Love this piece by Austin Kleon…egosystem versus ecosystem. (thanks, E)

I’ll be keeping this phone in mind for next time.

Fascinating read. (thanks for this too, E)


Happy clicking, my friends!


Sending a little love your way, m


3 thoughts on “:: Randoming ::

  1. Hey, Michelle. Thanks for sharing my post about my Mom’s passing. I’ve received several kind notes from your community, and I’m deeply touched. Best, Misty

    1. I’m so glad some sweet people from here have hopped over to visit you, Misty…that makes me happy to hear. It’s a beautiful piece you wrote and I’m glad to share it. xo


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