Getting Unstuck on a Friday

When I feel stuck (on the page, in my life), I turn to gratitude.  It’s the entry point to exactly where I need to be, always.  So, at the end of this week, on this Friday, with a blank page in front of me and a certain amount of stuck-ness, well, here I go…

for two video calls with people I love
for the phone call with someone else I love
for the texts
for the letter
(yep, with more people I love)
for the time to soak beans, for the time to cook beans
for the roasted vegetables
for the coffee and the tea
for the homemade raspberry + blackberry jam
for the clean water to drink, to bathe
for our very comfortable bed
for our sofa too
for the kids and my husband
for the pup
for homeschooling
for all the green outside my window
(for the new lavender sprigs, especially)
for the sunshine on my Thursday walk
for the essential oils
for the clean space on my desk
for the mess alongside my desk (because it’s a pile of good stuff)
for my reading glasses
for the book I finished, for the book I’m about to begin
for the quiet of the house just now
for the luxury to consider these things (these people) at the end of this week, on this Friday, on a no-longer blank page
for this and more

Tell me…what are you grateful for on this Friday?


Sending a little love your way, m



10 thoughts on “Getting Unstuck on a Friday

  1. Well it’s Sunday but I’ll list : – cup of hot tea – the rabbit hole of researching about watercolor paints – time with my son while he is here visiting – a visit with my daughter tomorrow – good home cooked dinners and eating out! – mornings all by myself.

  2. For the warm clean bed For the clean water to drink and wash in For sleep and dreams and it’s cleansing medicine For tea and the kettle on the hob For hope and new days For friendships far away and still close For family with all of its intricacies For connections & reminders And for simple things which feel kind Thank you lovely you xxx

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  3. On this Saturday morning I am thankful for the quiet and stillness in my house (so rare in this season of homeschooling young kids). Little one is fishing with Daddy and big one is out on an adventure with my parents and sister. I politely declined invitations to both in favor of reveling in the rarity of solitude at home. Not doing anything special, just a few little projects here and there, but so thankful for the time and space to think my thoughts and work through some things while I do them.

    1. Helena, loved hearing about your Saturday morning. (Even with my kids in the teens, a morning like that is rare around here too.)
      I hope you enjoyed all the quiet and stillness…

  4. Such a beautiful list, Michelle. Here is mine, on this Friday afternoon:
    For the sun
    and the recent sweater weather
    for homemade macaroni salad
    and soon to be grilled swordfish.
    For little Rambo resting by my feet
    and the memories of Popeye that still bring a tear to my eye.
    for green leaves, blue skies
    and the sweet anticipation of an upcoming getaway.
    For engagements
    and the winter wedding to be planned,
    for laughter
    and friendships
    and family.


    1. The words that popped into my head when I finished reading your list were exactly the words you said to me: Such a beautiful list.
      Truly. This list runs the gamut, doesn’t it? Highs and lows, bigs and littles. Thank you so much for sharing, Grace. xxx

  5. Today I’m grateful for my fridge! (I just cleaned it out). Lovely to keep things fresh and cool, so also I must be grateful for the electricity that makes life so much easier. And water! Of course, to drink to bathe and to make cups of tea which I’m also very grateful for. And grateful to you for reminding me to thank my lucky stars for all the good things and people in my life. I spend far too much time worrying about the bad stuff going on in the world sometimes.

    1. I love how one thing strings along to the next…as you’ve written.
      Lots of us spend too much time worrying about the bad stuff…there’s a place for thinking/doing in that arena…but, yes, to come back to the gratitude with regularity, YES. I’m grateful for you and your presence here and your thoughtful and humorous self. xo


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