It’s Time for a Little Quiet

During the past few summers, I’ve taken a short hiatus from this space and social media, usually in August. This year, I’ll be taking my online hiatus for three months – June, July, August.  That’s a long time to be away so I’ve planned ahead, and I have something special for you…

Each Friday, I’ll be posting an image paired with a quote.  Then I’ll offer you a few journaling prompts inspired by that quote. June loosely follows a theme of gratitude, July a theme of intention, August a theme of self.  The series is called A Tiny Bit of Quiet.

Think of this as a mini e-course (that’s free!), spread out over the summer months (if you’re a friend in the Southern Hemisphere, I hope it will be a cozy companion during your wintering).  The first post will be Friday, June 7 and the series will run through Friday, August 30.  You can return to this space each week, or have the posts sent directly to your inbox by following my blog (just scroll down to the bottom of this web page, enter your email, and click “Follow”), or maybe my blog posts already pop into your inbox (fantastic, you’re all set!).

I’ll be keeping the comments section of each post closed, though you can use my Contact page if you’re keen to share something or ask a question.  While I won’t promise to visit Instagram with regularity (maybe not at all; I’m still deciding on that piece of my online pie), I’ve created a hashtag that you can use over there if you’d like to connect with one another:  #atinybitofquiet.  And, although I’ll be taking a summer hiatus from online life, I’ll be continuing with my Monthly Notes on the first of each month. If you don’t already receive those, you can sign up right here.

It’s my hope that you’ll enjoy coming here each Friday for a short and sweet interlude.  A little inspiration here, then a little inspiration there (in your corner of the world) (in the folds of your heart).  Sound good?

I hope so.


Sending a little love your way, m

P.S. If you’re inspired to share this quiet offering with friends or your fellow blog readers or your Instagram peeps, I’d appreciate that (a lot).  I’ve created the badge below for you to do so.

It’ll be a quiet offering. But a tiny bit of quiet is often just the ticket.

37 thoughts on “It’s Time for a Little Quiet

  1. I see my friend Grace above in the comments. Hi Grace! I’ll sign up, too. I’m grateful for this chance to sit with my thoughts. Thank you, Michelle.

  2. I look forward to your images and journal prompts, Michelle, and I hope you have a lovely social media break. Will you still be emailing us your monthly newsletter? Yours is one of the few I look forward to receiving. Best, Misty

    1. Yes!!! I’m definitely sending the Monthly Notes! Thanks for letting me know that you look forward to receiving them…that’s so very nice to know.
      And I really hope you’ll enjoy the simple summer offering. xo

  3. I love this Michelle. Something special to look forward to on Fridays. Thank you for thinking of us and have a wonderful summer and enjoy those quiet moments. You’re the best!! xo

  4. this is so lovely! maybe i’ll use the prompts as a excuse to blog. a kind of permission, so i make space for it! wishing a wonderful time offline to you and your family. 😘😘😘

  5. I’ll be looking forward to these. Things (read: commitments to various groups) are winding down for the summer, and I swear it feels like I’m counting days ’til I can breathe more freely. We’ll still be doing some school, but without many outside commitments I anticipate a more relaxed pace for a little while–for me as well as the kids–and these prompts sound lovely. I hope you enjoy your break from online life (hoping it helps you breathe more freely as well!) and thank you for planning such a lovely treat for your readers to enjoy.

    1. Helena, I know just what you mean about those outside commitments winding down and the accompanying space to breathe more freely…that’s here too!
      I do hope you’ll enjoy these weekly posts/prompts I’ve got planned for you, and wishing you a sweet summer with your kiddos. <3

  6. Thank you, Michelle, for gifting us with a “little quiet!” So very kind of you! Wishing you a delightful summer!


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