:: A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: July 19

A quiet journaling series for your summer (or winter) months.  June – August.  From me to you. xo

It is not good enough for things to be planned – they still have to be done;
for the intention to become a reality, energy has to be launched into operation.
~ Walt Kelly ~


Are you typically able to plan and follow through?  Or do you tend to plan (and maybe start) but never quite get finished?  How might you support yourself in the doing phase?

Write 3 things that you want to learn/experience/do.

Pick one and do it.
Sometimes it helps to break things down into steps (remember this?).  So if something on your list feels big in any way, break it down and start with just one step (baby steps count).


I hope you enjoy these quiet bits each Friday (or whenever you find them).  Remember that you can share with each other on Instagram using #atinybitofquiet or you can work privately at home.  You can also contact me here.  Do what feels right for you.  The important thing is that you’re making this time for you.
always the love, m


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