What’s In Store

Ah, September.  In some ways, I’m ready for you.  In other ways, not so much.  But mostly, yes okay, let’s do this.

Did you enjoy following along with A Tiny Bit of Quiet over the summer months?  I hope so. I loved putting that series together and received lots of positive feedback.  I’m already thinking about when I might share more of that with you. Perhaps during the upcoming holiday season?  I’ll keep you posted.

I have offerings planned for you (some FREE!) as we move into this season of autumn (I love this time of year).  I thought I’d let you know what’s in store…


The first thing I want to mention is a new, online class called Get It Down.  I’m really excited about this class.  It will be four weeks of prompts that will have you playing with words and images in your journal.  You don’t have to consider yourself a journaler or writer or artist or creative or anything-in-particular.  You just have to be you.  As with all the work I do, you’ll have the option to do the work privately at home or to join in community in our password-protected classroom. Class meets September 30 – October 27.

Right now (through September 8), I’m offering an EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!  Click image to read more about the class (and discount!!).  I hope you’ll join me and us.

In November, I’ll be running Gratitude Week again.  Dates for that are Monday, November 4 – Sunday, November 10.  It’s FREE and it’s one of my favorite weeks in the year.

In December, I’ll be offering a special holiday edition of Just Five Things.  This will be the third year of the holiday edition and it feels a tradition already. It’s an extra quiet, extra thoughtful class during a typically busy time of year.  It always feels good for those of us gathering.  I hope you’ll consider joining us this year.


That’s what’s on my calendar right now.  I hope some (or all!) of these things will find their way onto your calendar as well. I appreciate all of you…those who visit this space, those who read my Monthly Notes, those who join my free offerings, those who register for and participate in my online classes, those who visit me on Instagram.

I appreciate our genuine connection in a world of hyper-connectivity.  I appreciate YOU.


sending a little love your way, m



4 thoughts on “What’s In Store

  1. Hi Michelle! I love your little emails – they always make me smile; make me think and make me pause! It sounds like you had a good summer and how exciting to have a child in college. My oldest grandson started university this week as well. I love watching the young become lovely, caring adults.

    I truly enjoyed “A Tiny Bit of Quiet”. I followed along quietly by myself. I would love to partake in your new endeavour, “Get it Down”, but will be travelling without regular access to internet, so will pass this time around.

    Please add my name to the next “Gratitude Week” in November, we will be back by then and “Just Five Things” in December! Both of these have become treasured and important parts of my days.

    I will be off-line for part of September & October, but will still try to post daily on Instagram.

    Until then, keep well and thank you for being there!

    All the best, Connie


    1. Connie, so good to hear from you! I especially like what you wrote about “watching the young become lovely, caring adults”…oh yes, that’s such a nice way to think about it. <3

      Enjoy your travels! And it will be lovely to have you around for Gratitude Week and Just Five Things. xo


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