:: Ten Things ::

Ten things.  Right now.

1.  the last hydrangea, clipped and brought indoors
2.  the birch leaves lying on the grass, the patio…autumn is coming, and I’m glad
3.  the pup, lying at my feet
4.  watching a leaf falling from the tree, floating…such a gentle release
5.  a sparrow at the feeder…the birds are happy when I fill the feeder…I am too
6.  piles on my desk…I swear I’ll clean up this weekend
7.  t-shirt and shorts, though wanting jeans and sweater…come on, autumn
8.  birds chirping…not the sparrow at the feeder, but the ones resting on branches above
9.  a blue sky that is gradually clouding over
10. so much to do, but feeling on top of things…feeling a yes to it all

What’s your right now??

Sending a little love your way, m


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13 thoughts on “:: Ten Things ::

  1. 10 things right now.

    I am staring down a gallon plus container of stuff that I will have to drink on thursday to prepare for my colonoscopy. this is for my own good. this is for my own good. this is for my own good.

    helicopters have been circling for hours. A shooting happened just down the road in the parking lot of the day care. sigh. my heart hurts.

    to the right of me, pages are drying, journal work is my safety zone.

    it is ok to reach for safety.

    three feet of snow in montana and here in South Carolina temperatures still in the nineties. The extremes of our country.

    I don’t want to really think about the extremes of our country right now.

    a painting in blues is on the easel and I am practicing procrastination

    look around … there are so many colors within my sight … pink bubly can, turquoise and purple tape stacked together, gold wooden stars in a red bowl.

    plastic glue sticks. I want a better option.

    errands await me.

    1. Cynthia, I love reading other people’s lists…the stories tucked inside…thank you for sharing your ten.
      It’s exhausting to think about the extremes of our country right now, isn’t it?
      And that first one, yes…for your own good, for your own good, for your own good. Good for you.

  2. I enjoy your photography, your writing, your blog as a whole. However, it’s terribly jarring to read about birch leaves ‘laying’…eggs? Bricks? Laying down the law? No! The leaves are lying and weak grammar will always weaken your writing, I’m afraid.

    1. ack! You’re right!
      I try to be careful with grammar, but slip every now and then ;) Thanks for bringing that to my attention (I’d typed it correctly in #3 but slipped for the poor leaves in #2). Thanks for letting me know.
      All fixed now!

  3. I’m an autumn lover too.

    Ten Things: Cold morning (mid 50’s)…….Bright sunshine warming up the house…….1 cup of my favorite new coffee -*illy Brasile*………rye toast w/butter………..removed chipped nail polish, finally………coconut oil on my face and nails………listening to all the bird chatter – they are quite noisy this morning and I’m thinking they love autumn too :)………grocery shopping soon with a *mental list* of what I need which NEVER works, lol, don’t know why I do this :)
    This is my ALMOST Ten Things. Happy Friday Michelle.

  4. Ten things, right now:

    Fog slowly lifting
    sweater weather today!
    Rambo snoozing on his favorite chair.
    My sneakered shoes perched on the rung of the chair
    dressed for yoga
    messy desk
    creative to-do list by my side
    anticipating a fun day with a friend
    soft light coming through the dining room window
    clock tick-tock-ticking in the hallway

    Enjoy your day, Michelle! xo


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