One Thing at a Time

*Sometimes I want to share here what I share with my Monthly Notes readers.  Today is one of those days.  I want to share a version of October’s letter because it’s something that lots of us need to hear. A gentle reminder, a little nudge. Maybe you could use this gentle reminder (this little nudge) too.

We live in a fast-paced world.  A world in which we’re accustomed to things happening now.  Multitasking is praised.  Hell, it’s encouraged.


But what if we focus on one thing at a time?


What if we send the text and then walk down the street?
What if we plan the menu, make a list, and then go to the store?
What if we enjoy a few minutes of Instagram and then cook the dinner?
What if we talk to our friend or loved one (making real eye contact) and then check email?


One thing, and then the next.


There’s a buzzword in response to the increasing awareness that multitasking isn’t all it’s cracked up to be:  unitasking.  Call it what you like; sometimes labels are helpful, sometimes not.


But know this.  Within reason (because we can certainly overschedule ourselves and that’s never good), we can do what needs doing and we can do it in a calm and intentional way.


I say that it’s simple, this one thing at a time.  Simple doesn’t mean easy; it just means that it’s straightforward, clear-cut.


Send the text and then walk down the street (so you can pay attention to the changing leaves, so you can smile at a passerby, so you can let your mind wander).
Scroll on Instagram and then cook the dinner (so you’re fully present in the preparation of the meal, so maybe you infuse that meal with love, so your pot of rice doesn’t boil over because you got distracted with the scrolling) (do I speak from personal experience?) (maybe).


One thing, and then the next.


It’s jobs better done.  It’s hearts fuller.  It’s leaves noticed, and a walk enjoyed.  It’s a shopping trip less frantic.  It’s concentrated effort versus spastic attempt.  It’s intentional living.


One thing.  Then the next.


Autumn (spring, for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere) is a busy season for many of us.  We can manage it.  Better than manage, we can enjoy it.


Take small (and meaningful) steps…one at a time.  Keep moving (and move gently).


Gently, gently, gently.


I wish I’d understood that word better in my twenties and thirties. Some things just take time, eh?
Time to learn, and then time to do.


Learn (at your own pace).  Do (at your own pace). Go (gently).


One thing at a time.


Sending a little love your way, m


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