All In Good Time

The cooler autumn weather has set in and I’m content with pants-sweaters-boots every day now.  Yes, please and thank you.  I’m ready for this turn of season.  Lately, when I wash dishes at the kitchen sink, I look out to our raised garden beds and think about preparing them for the winter months. It wasn’t an especially successful garden this year, and I’d just as soon say goodbye to what’s left.  But…


The cosmos are still blooming, the nasturtiums are still blooming, the lemon balm is hardy, the wildflowers whose names I don’t know are still blooming.


The other day, I suggested to my daughter that we head outside for a bit.  It was a beautiful autumn day and I needed to shake off some accumulated grumpiness.  I took a few pictures.  She busied herself with the flowers in the garden, making a tiny bouquet for me and a crown for herself.  It was an unexpected sliver of sweetness in my day.


It was a sliver during which I realized it’s not time to put the garden to bed yet.  Almost, but not quite.  It’s not really my time table, is it?  Time and again, the garden holds lessons for me.


Gentle tending.
All in good time.


Sometimes I’m in a hurry for what’s coming next.  Sometimes, even when I’m enjoying something, I catch myself thinking about what it’ll be like when A is finished and B begins.


Right now?  The flowers are still blooming.  I plan to take the time to enjoy them.


Sending a little love your way, m


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6 thoughts on “All In Good Time

  1. Right now I’m sitting in my family room looking at beautiful maple trees in brilliant red and orange colors. I love this time of year. Today is a day of sitting around and resting and in good time, I will have enough energy to do more!!


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