Three Good Things

I’ve developed a small ritual.  A ritual so small, it might seem silly.  But a ritual nonetheless – one I never miss, one to which I actually look forward.


The ritual involves a few dedicated moments before I fall asleep each night. I don’t need my journal, I don’t need candles or essential oils, I don’t need music.  I just need the quiet, the dark of the closing day, and myself.


Every night, I turn off the bedside lamp, rest my head on the pillow, snuggle down and pull the covers up to my chin.  And then…I think of three good things from my day.


That’s it.  Three good things.


I don’t attach the words gratitude or grateful or thankful to this (though I suppose it’s more or less the same thing).  I don’t have rules about what counts as good.  Just whatever comes to mind as I reflect on my day.  These things might be people or experiences.  They might be the absence of something negative.  They might be anything.  Anything at all.


Sometimes (especially on the really good days) I think of more than three, but I deliberately avoid long lists here.  The point of this ritual is that it’s short and sweet.  It’s simple and doable (who doesn’t have sixty seconds before falling asleep?).   This isn’t meant to be a catch-all for everything.  I’m not testing myself to make sure I remember everything good.


I’m simply dedicating a few moments in the quiet of each closing day to reflect on a little goodness.  Because, even on the shittiest-hardest-darkest day, I can think of three good things.  I really can.


Three good things, as I drift off to sleep.  I can’t think of a better way to end a day.


Can you?




On Monday, I’ll be sharing a special post here as part of Gratitude Week.  Monday will also begin the first of seven reflections on gratitude, Gratitude Notes, sent straight from my heart to your inbox.  Think of it as a mini workshop on gratitude (it’s free!).  If you’d like to receive those mailings, you still have time to sign up…right here.


The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.
~ Dalai Lama ~



Here’s to goodness and appreciation of that goodness.  And here’s to the growth that follows…


always the love, m



8 thoughts on “Three Good Things

  1. 11.5.2019 5 Gratitudes 1) The Chattanooga Public Library allows you to make any book request you want, and if they can order it, they will purchase it! (I can get *almost* any book I want!!!) 2) A warm cup of coffee each and every morning. Here’s to exploring different countries through delicious coffee beans. I’m exploring Brazil right now. 3) The beautiful view outside my window: a red-orange bricked Basilica, a gleaming copper-domed building, a historic theater with long banners of upcoming products (Les Mis is this weekend), the long pointed steeple of a historic church, etc. 4) My favorite songs as the varoius alarms on my phone 5) Getting up *super* early so I have plenty of alone time before the start of every day.

  2. Oh Michelle, I’ve been battling a virus bug that knocked me out for over a week (grr). I write what I’m grateful for each morning but I will tonight think of three things before I go to sleep. Love you and your words :)

    1. I’m so sorry that you’ve not been feeling well. It’s definitely not fun, especially when it drags on. Grrrr is right ;) Hope that bug is completely gone soon!

      And I know you’re dedicated with writing your gratitudes. So good.
      Glad you’ll give this “three good things” a try tonight. It’s just a little twist…similar to writing gratitudes…but with a lightness to it, just reflecting as one snuggles into the comfort of a new night. xo


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