Gratitude Week 2019

for the morning cup of tea.  or coffee. whichever it is, for the ritual of making, of holding, of sipping.  for the quiet beginning.

for the succulents by the window.  for their quirky beauty.  for their being hardy enough to survive my non-green thumb.

for the nasturtiums that are still blooming.  for the reminder to honor individual rhythms.

for the flannel sheets on all the beds.  for their warmth.  for the luxury to change with the seasons.

for my husband, my son, my daughter – my three.  for the ways they teach me.  for love.

for all the years of being home with the kids.  for homeschooling (which isn’t for everyone, but is for us).  for the freedom to make such choices.

for our pup who somehow gets cuter every day.  for her silly antics.  for her unconditional love.

for the birch trees out back.  for their strength, for their suppleness.  for the way they touch my heart.

for language.  for expression.

for this life.  for the opportunity to grow, for the space to rest.  for love, for love, for love.


for all of these.  and so much more.


I invite you to share your gratitudes in the comments below.  Share one day or every day.
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always always always

Sending a little love your way, m



26 thoughts on “Gratitude Week 2019

  1. 11.5.2019 5 Gratitudes 1) The Chattanooga Public Library allows you to make any book request you want, and if they can order it, they will purchase it! (I can get *almost* any book I want!!!) 2) A warm cup of coffee each and every morning. Here’s to exploring different countries through delicious coffee beans. I’m exploring Brazil right now. 3) The beautiful view outside my window: a red-orange bricked Basilica, a gleaming copper-domed building, a historic theater with long banners of upcoming products (Les Mis is this weekend), the long pointed steeple of a historic church, etc. 4) My favorite songs as the various alarms on my phone 5) Getting up *super* early so I have plenty of alone time before the start of every day.

    1. The first one? You’re so lucky!!!!
      These are all wonderful…love the way you’re thinking about exploring different countries through delicious coffee beans…such a thoughtful framework.
      And the last one…makes for a sweet start, doesn’t it? I need my morning time too. xo

  2. For my childhood friend Jeanne who just sent me a stack of random letters I had written to her from 1964 to 1986. I read every single one. WOW!!!
    Early teen drama and boys, boys, boys to becoming a mother myself in my early 30’s. So grateful for our friendship and so grateful that she saved these letters (and she has more). Afternoon coffee with a girlfriend and girl talk. And so very grateful that my husband is making yet another attempt to stop smoking. The strain it has put on him, and me, and us has been almost unbearable in the past 2 weeks. But tonight I am hopeful again and grateful for that.
    Flannel sheets are waiting for me now :)

    1. That must’ve been so fun to read all those letters!!! Friendship really is a gift, isn’t it?
      Good for your husband working to quit smoking. Wishing him success, and sending you both love and strength.
      And flannel sheets…such a comfort this time of year at the end of the day, eh?

  3. Thank you Michelle; I am always grateful for this inspiration and invitation to pause and give gratitude for the moments that make up our lives… For me:
    this morning’s sunrise;
    a gathering with quilting friends and a safe journey home;
    an update from a friend who had surgery and is recovering very well;
    an afternoon nap – tho’ I’m not a napper I felt the need today do so – grateful that I not only could, I did!
    a brisk walk to and through the park ~ love watching children play
    a quiet evening to read, relax …

    1. I’m grateful for your willingness to step into the practice with me and us, Honoré. Truly.
      Your list is full of beautiful gratitudes! Very glad to hear your friend is doing well, and a nap + brisk autumn walk through the park + reading and relaxing in the evening…what a lovely day!

  4. Thank you, Michelle. I’m grateful for your sweet class and for the lovely comments before (and after) mine. I’m grateful for a relaxing morning I had this morning and the news that I’m blessed with a long weekend this weekend. I’m grateful for the food I am allowed to take home from my part-time job at my lovely cafe job…and for the food I can share with others due my work there, too. I’m grateful for the smiles and laughs and mistakes and things I do well as well. I’m grateful for my sweet community and for the beautiful things I read each day. I could go on all day sharing my gratitudes, but for now…I stop here. xo

  5. Oh this is very lovely timing as I was thinking about starting a gratitude practice this week – thank you for the beautiful synchronicity! Such lovely reminders and photos too. I look forward to reading each day.

    1. Oh, that IS beautiful synchronicity! Love it!!
      It’s nice to know you’ll be practicing gratitude too…if you’ve signed up for the Gratitude Notes, I hope you’ll enjoy.

  6. I am thankful for…
    A warm bed and a cup of creamy steamy coffee.
    For a Monday morning that has no rushing, boys playing legos together peacefully at this moment.
    For my husband who woke early for work, a wonderful provider.
    For three full hearted boys, two sweet girls, all home where they belong. Freely learning and growing into who God has made them. For the freedom to teach them in the way I believe is best for each of them.
    For yesterday afternoon spent in my garden, tucking winter vegetables in soft soil. My heart brimming with hope filled anticipation.

  7. I’m most grateful for the hard working men and women that are putting out the devastating fires here in CA. After 3 weeks of wind ripping 40 year old pines from the ground, ash, smoke, and filth coating any flat surface, the wind is calm and we’re able to open the windows and let the crisp November air in.

    1. Oh, Kelly. It must be a bit frightful out there. I’m glad to know you’re safe and glad the wind is calming. Enjoy that crisp November air coming through your open (thank goodness) windows. Love from east to west…

      p.s. And, yes, those firefighters. So brave and hardworking. I’m grateful for them too.

  8. love this. love you.💛

    for quiet moments and tender times.
    for family & home & friendships.
    for all the love.


  9. Thank you, Michelle for this wonderful course. I always look forward to it. As usual it comes at a perfect time for me. After 3 days without power due to a wind storm, I’m grateful for being able to get back to my usual morning routine, brewing a pot of coffee to share with hubby; writing in my journal in my new favourite chair by the window. Heat in the house. Grateful for water in the creek; for the soft sunrise at this time of year. The ability to cook dinner at home last night; our cozy duvet that kept us warm during the cold nights. Support from friends & neighbours. But mostly, right now, I’m enjoying my steaming cup of coffee. Cheers! Connie xo

    1. Oh lovely, Connie! So many wonderful gratitudes right here. Hooray for getting back to usual morning routines…and all the rest.
      And I’m so glad you look forward to Gratitude Week each year. Thank you for being a part of this. xo

  10. Oh Michelle, how grateful I am for this special week that you have set aside for us year after year! In honor of Gratitude Week, I set aside a special project after my morning ritual of coffee, Bible, prayer, and stretching: a knitting project that is outside of my usual comfort zone. I put aside the lecture that I need to write, the book that I need to read and comment on, the emails–oh the emails!–and the laundry that I need to fold. (I like folding laundry, so I almost didn’t add that bit here). And I didn’t feel one bit guilty about this setting-aside business, too. It’s Gratitude Week, I told myself. So I cleared my desk of Petrarch and Shakespeare. I placed aside “The Making of a Poem” and my list of things to do today. I didn’t worry that my printer stopped printing the discussion questions that I need my children to tackle today. I joyfully faced the small print of the pattern page. Shakespeare and Petrarch and printers deaf to my beckoning will be right where I left them. I embraced–eyes first and then fingers–my lush Miss Babs yarn and my stitch markers and my highlighter and my pencil. I cast on and knitted 13 rows. Well, actually 26 if you account for the fact that ripped out the first attempt. The second attempt made so much more sense. Knitting is so forgiving like that. Make a mistake? No worries, just pull that yarn gently and watch your errors disappear. In fact, it is not really a mistake at all. More like a rehearsal. Not so easy with careless words. I spend most of my days with words and paper and pen, with homeschooling children and teaching in my co-op, so this forgiving yarn is a quiet kindness that I needed this morning. And this space. Thank you, Michelle, for this space.

    1. Rosaria, I’m always so pleased to have you joining in Gratitude Week.
      I read your words here as if they were a poem…I think they are. I lovelovelove that you’re setting aside this time for yourself each morning…for Gratitude Week, for you. As for the knitting…yes, such kindness and forgiveness. I like your thoughts about the mistakes being more like a rehearsal…so good! (though I chuckled at today’s 13 rows really being 26)

      As always, your gentle and thoughtful heart are appreciated. Sitting here in gratitude. I’m SO glad to share this space with you. xo

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