:: Ten Things ::

Ten Things.  Right Now.

1.  the steam curling off my chamomile tea
2.  the full heart after coming in from a walk with my daughter and pup
3.  the messy piles on my desk (sigh)
4.  the shadows falling across the yard, the sun low in the sky
5.  the sweater, so fuzzy and warm
6.  the Christmas music playing
7.  the bare trees dancing in the wind
8.  the warmth of our home, physical and (I hope) emotional too
9.  the thought of dinner with friends tonight
10. the deep comfort of this moment


What’s your right now??

Sending a little love your way, m


P.S. If you didn’t catch the news in my December Note or on Instagram, I designed a Gratitude Journal.
Have a look right here.



2 thoughts on “:: Ten Things ::

  1. 1. FaceTime with my grand babies
    2. listening to Matt repair guitars for friends
    3. the buzz of his saw
    4. the cold howling winter winds
    5. 18 days until my Son returns home from Kuwait
    6. packages already mailed
    7. three deer outside my kitchen window
    8. music jam tonight with friends
    9. simmering soup on stove
    10. ten things with Michelle


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