A Few December Things {2019}

My son is home for winter break…hooray!  Yesterday we made cookies and I’m pretty sure we’ll make more today.  And probably tomorrow too.  Because Christmas.  And cookies.


I happened upon these eco-friendly toothbrushes the other day. I’ve already placed an order and can’t wait to try them.  Good for teeth, and much better for our dear Earth than the plastics used in standard brushes.  I like that it’s an eco-friendly choice I can make for the new year.  (P.S. there’s a sale right now.)


While I was poking around the toothbrush site, I found their page on proper disposal.  This is another eco-friendly choice I’ll be making in the new year.  Start with this page, and from there you can hop over to the actual website that tells you more.  Seriously, folks, it’s free to do this; it just takes a little thought and planning on our end.  You in??


So I’ve been listening to a lot of Christmas music.  Of course.  Last year I shared a playlist of mellow renditions (it’s here).  I made another one this year (that one’s here).  For when you want familiar songs with a mellow, Indie sort of twist, and maybe a new song or two.


I never wrote up an official blog post to celebrate my gratitude journal, Gratitudes: A Year.  If you haven’t caught wind of that yet, you can find information about it right here.  I designed it on a whim and, once I started working on it, I realized you might like it too. So I’m offering it over at Blurb. It’s intentionally simple and intended to be a companion of sorts as you move through the year.  I’ve kept journals like this in the past and it’s so sweet to go back into them, reading through the gratitudes and goodnesses that fill a given year.  I can’t wait to start using mine in 2020.


While I’m happy with my son being home from college and the cookie-baking and the Christmas tree and lights and general festive feelings, there are also some sore throats and coughs in our house.  There was a trip to the doctor for one of us this week. In addition to the doctor’s help, I’ll be making a batch of elderberry syrup soon.  A little extra support.


I’m planning some quiet blog posts for the month of January. If you remember A Tiny Bit of Quiet from this past summer, it’s more of that. To start our new year gently.  I hope you’ll enjoy.  xo


Other than that, I’m beginning to feel quiet as I often do this time of year.  Moving toward the Winter Solstice reminds me of Nature’s cycles which often mirror my own (when I’m paying attention).  I know lots of people in the Northern Hemisphere dislike the fewer hours of daylight we experience this time of year, but I happen to love it.  It feels cozier to me.  Quieter.  More peaceful. I love the summer months, don’t get me wrong.  It’s lovely to have extra daylight for spending time outside in the evenings. But the cold and dark of these winter months?  What can I say?  It supports my reflective, introverted spirt.


However you find these winter months (or summer, if you’re a Southern Hemisphere friend), I wish you peace.  And love.  And joy.  Happy Winter Solstice and Hanukkah and Christmas and Kwanzaa.  Happy all and everything in between.


Life isn’t all Christmas cookies and twinkle lights.
But it’s pretty grand.


peace and light and
sending a little love your way, m




6 thoughts on “A Few December Things {2019}

  1. So pleased to know that your son is home, I am certain he will enjoy a bit of pampering from you, as I know James does! Hope the coughs and sore throats are soon gone. Enjoy the quiet, the cookies, the cosyness and all the other good things of the season, dear Michelle xx

    1. We’ll both enjoy having our sons home, eh? It’s so, so nice.
      Thanks for the well wishes. I hope you enjoy all the good things of this season too, dear Jane. Merry Christmas!

  2. Love the eco page, there is a GB version so I’m definitely in! I don’t mind being cosy on dark evenings but would like just a little less rain :) I hope you have a lovely restful festive time, and a cool Yule.


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