:: A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: January 31

A quiet journaling series.  For the month of January.  xo

Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.
~ Mark Twain ~


Write three beautiful things about yesterday.


Write ten beautiful things about right now.


Can you imagine beautiful things for your future?  Go ahead and make a dream list.  Don’t worry about the number of things on your list; fill the page, or write just one or two.  What beauty do you hope to see/know/experience in your life?  Take some time to dream, and to write those beautiful dreams down.


If you remember, come back to this quote and these prompts at the end of today and answer this question:  Was today a beautiful day?



I hope you enjoy this quiet bit on this Friday (or whenever you find it).
Have you enjoyed this series?  If inspired, share in the comments below…
sending a little love your way, m


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2 thoughts on “:: A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: January 31

  1. i used this prompt over the weekend and enjoyed putting my thoughts in my journal very much.
    thank you for this.


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