Rain and Coffee

There’s rain and there’s coffee.
There’s grey sky and there’s work.
There’s clutter and there’s a clear desk.
There’s laundry and there’s clean clothing.
There’s breakfast and there’s lunch (and then there’s dinner).
There’s yesterday and there’s today.
There’s truth and there’s more truth.
There’s love and there’s compassion.
There’s one thing and there’s another.
There’s right now.  And there’s right now.
End of story.

Or rather, the beginning.


sending a little love your way, m



7 thoughts on “Rain and Coffee

  1. My One Little Word for 2020 is AND.

    Your post is a lovely example of its power.

    (and I might start that last line with an “AND” instead of “or rather” ;-)

    xo – Mary


    1. Yes to the power of AND (love that this is your word!!!!)

      And (!!!) I’m gonna think about changing the wording of that last line. A little brilliant of you. xo



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