:: Ten Things ::

Ten things.  Right now.

  1.  second cup of coffee…bitter, sweet, warm
  2.  quiet music
  3.  a grey sky outside my window
  4.  my daughter working quietly on her schoolwork in the dining room
  5.  my fuzzy sweater, my slippers…comfort
  6.  the glorious space on my (now clean) desk
  7.  the whole day just waiting for me
  8.  motherhood…always with me, always a part of me
  9.  will it rain?
  10.  another sip…of coffee (of life)

What’s your right now?
(maybe it’s ten, maybe it’s one…but what is it, and how does it (how do you) feel?)


sending a little love your way, m



10 thoughts on “:: Ten Things ::

  1. I seem to be catching up on blog in reverse order, LOL!
    My ten:
    The soft light from the floor lamp
    The hum of an airplane passing by
    The rattle, hiss and pop of the radiator as the heat comes on
    Jack’s litter box has such an odor and I cleaned it yesterday! How do his parents stand it?
    The secret pleasure of spending a week on my own
    Anticipating seeing a show on Wednesday
    My comfy flannel pajama bottoms feel so cozy
    Missing my honey and Bo
    Planning chicken noodle soup for dinner
    The pleasant ache in my legs from having walked four miles today.


  2. 1) windy! 2) rainy! 3) jacket potato and salad in 5 mins 6) tired 7) cuppa tea 8) planning weekly shopping for tomorrow 9)planning new photo project 10) sofa time with hubby tonight.

    1. Hope you have a cozy evening with your hubby!
      A new photo project…fun :)
      (and I just looked up jacket potato…like our baked potato!…sounds good on a windy, rainy evening)

  3. 1. sunshine (rare lately) shining through my window 2. coffee, hot and steamy 3. Pavarotti on my iPod 4. plans for much-needed kitchen renovation coming along nicely 5. blue sky (with dark clouds over the lake) will it snow later? 6. Charlie (Charlene) the neighbour’s dog got loose and came over to say good morning 7. a rare day with no plans ahead 8. finishing up the quilt for my newest grandchild 9. writing letters to my siblings; with pen & paper, envelopes & stamps 10. dinner planning – at leisure

    I hope you are having a wonderful day, Michelle! 💕

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