:: Five Things I Love ::

Five Things I Love on This Friday

  1. watercolor…these hearts I painted with my daughter
  2. my daughter, my son, my husband…my three
  3. the wind which has cleared our rainy skies
  4. my desk which I finally cleaned + organized
  5. any reminder to give ourselves to love

Happy Valentine’s Day!


What are five things (or people) you love??

sending some extra love your way, m



10 thoughts on “:: Five Things I Love ::

  1. I’m a little late but that lateness was appreciated… thank you. The sea…& the beach. I love. My family…it’s not necessarily following the usual rules but who cares… we are family and I love that. My daughter….like you didn’t know that already. People in my life I laugh with & share with. Warmth; of people, coffee, bed, truth, showers, comfort and hugs. My mum. I treasure time with my mum.

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  2. Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Michelle! Here are my five: my family, my friends, my sweet pup, my books and Shitt’s Creek ( : D ).
    Truly, there are so many more things, but you said only five! xo

  3. Happy Valentine’s Day, Michelle! I love your watercolor painting. xo

    1. A really nice hug from a friend
    2. My public library and all of the books, movies, and resources provided to us
    3. My mastermind group
    4. I have enough (food, love, joy, etc.)
    5. Extra time to read and relax this week.

    PS. I sent my family a handmade watercolor card for Valentine’s Day, and after it was opened, their new puppy thought it was his. They sent me this really cute photo: https://www.drmistyfunk.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Waylon-Valentine.jpg (Sorry it’s a bit blurry! My sister snapped the photo in a hurry.)

    1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Misty!

      these are love-ly things you’ve shared.
      I’m glad you linked to the photo…even in the blur, I can see the watercolor card you made is beautiful (what a lovely gift to send), and I can totally tell how cute the puppy is!!!!

  4. 1-husband and kids
    2-my little old man cat (and the crazy little dog too)
    3-good books
    4-dried lavender scenting my linen closet
    5-a few more pretty, sunny, breezy days before The Pollening begins :)


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