A Gift for You

How are you feeling? Physically, yes…but emotionally, too…how are you?  It’s an odd time, isn’t it?  Parts of our lives are slowing down (more of us staying home, limiting interaction with others) and other parts (the numbers and updates, new ways of doing work and school) change daily.  It’s a lot to contend with, I know.


This pandemic is to be taken seriously.
Also?  We’re going to get through this.


Something I haven’t mentioned here is that I’ve been studying for my Yoga Teacher Certification. And you know what?  I’m almost finished!  I’m working on a final project and I want to share it with you.  During this time when many feel overwhelmed, worried, scared, out of control, insert-your-own-state-of-mind, I hope what I share with you will offer you the chance to do some calming and grounding work.


This is the work that always interests me, but now is an especially good time for this kind of work. The work of getting quiet, of being still.  The work of pausing.  The work of acting versus re-acting.


You can read more information (and sign up) here.  But the gist is this:  five days of daily writing prompts and a short yoga practice.  My workshops are always aimed to be doable, easy to integrate into the life you’re already living.  This workshop will be the same.  That’s why the yoga practice will be intentionally short…I want you to feel like you can do it every day for our five days together.  The writing exercises follow suit.  Sit down with your morning cuppa and reflect, or maybe write at the end of the day with pillows propped behind you and bedcovers pulled over your legs.  You decide. However (whenever) you do this is entirely up to you.


The workshop, Settling the Mind, is my gift to you.
I hope you’ll enjoy it.


sending a little love (and all kinds of healing wishes) your way, m



23 thoughts on “A Gift for You

  1. Today, I had a notion to go to your blog, Michelle, to read your viewpoint on these “strange times.” I knew you would have thoughtful and comforting words to offer. I was so happy to learn of your generous gift, and I signed up immediately. I am accepting our worldwide situation as a lesson for me to stay calm when there is fear and uncertainty all around. I believe your workshop will be another beautiful experience. We are all grateful to you, Michelle. Thank you.

    1. I’m glad (honored) that you would think to visit here at this particular time. Thank you for letting me know, and I’m so glad you signed up for the April workshop. Your lesson in our current troubles to stay calm is a good one, wise. Stay safe and well, Patricia. xo

  2. Michelle

    Thank you for your generosity. I signed up with my email address but hit sign up before entering my name. But I’m sure you will figure it out. Be safe and well.

    Diane Baldwin


  3. My Dear Michelle: You have no idea how many times this week I have thought of contacting you and asking you if you could put together another online class for *right now* And here you are!!! I am so very grateful Michelle.
    Thank you from the bottom of mt heart.
    With Love…………Betty

    1. Oh, Betty. I love knowing that you’ve been wanting something right now. I’m grateful for your open heart and your presence in this space (and in my classes). xoxo


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