Simple Pleasures

The real things haven’t changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong.

~ Laura Ingalls Wilder ~


Here are a few simple pleasures from my corner of the world…


:: a walk in the misty rain. colder than anticipated but delightful nonetheless.  my daughter and the pup.

:: a chickpea salad (think tuna salad but with mashed chickpeas instead). sprouted grain bread, toasted.  a pile of spinach. diced grape tomatoes.  a twist of the pepper grinder.  two days in a row.

:: the flowering trees. spring blossoms never get old.

:: tea, coffee, either one. just that hot mug to hold in the early minutes of a day.

:: yardwork with my family. I don’t ordinarily consider yardwork much of a pleasure.  but there was something about this particular crisp afternoon, the sun shining brightly, collecting branches blown from the birch trees during winter storms. tossing them into the fire. cleaning and clearing as we went along. it was so satisfying.  (my kids did not agree ;)

:: all four of us at the dinner table, lingering.  sometimes silly, sometimes serious.  but all four, that’s the thing.

:: the birds at the feeder. so earnest, so normal.


What about you??  What are some simple pleasures in your life right now? (I’d love to hear.)

sending a little love your way, m





Did you catch last week’s post?
I’m pulling everything together and it’s feeling good.
I hope you’ll join us.
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14 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. Afternoon walks in the neighborhood. After dinner walks with my husband. Warm sunny day yesterday which prompted me to get out the shovel and work on the flower bed….got my hands in the dirt…worked up a sweat…pictured the new plants going in soon….IT WAS JUST WHAT I NEEDED! Just finished a book and onto to the next one. A Magnolia Jane tree waiting to be planted in the front of the house…..hopefully tomorrow after the rain. And I was able to sit on the porch last night while it was still warm and read a little bit and watch all my neighbors walking with their families.

  2. daily walks with my husband and Bo, being awakened by sunlight streaming through the window, the blossoming forsythia, anticipating our upcoming move to our new home, daily chats with our daughters.

    Stay safe, Michelle! xoxo

    1. Did you happen to notice what Karen shared below?! Love that you both mentioned the same thing first.
      Thanks for sharing your simple pleasures…so much goodness. ❤️

  3. Loving my blossom tree outside my window, it’s 10 years old now and looking beautiful! Taking photos and mostly staying home. Cooking nice things. Doing excercises to keep fit. Hubby is at work in a hospital, a bit of a worry, but he’s stoic. Tonight we’ll play music and dance.

    1. The blossoms, right?! They’re so gorgeous and happy-making. Sounds like you’re keeping busy with good things!
      I can imagine the worry of your husband at the hospital, ohmy. Sending thanks to him (and to everyone working hard right now to bring this pandemic under control). Enjoy the music and dancing (and cooking) tonight. ❤️

  4. The blossom on the trees, the birdsong waking me earlier and earlier (it’s why I loathe changing the clocks – GMT is just fine all year round – and I adore being woken by birdsong naturally), my early-morning prayer-time – just me and Molly-cat, and finally hearing my hubby’s footsteps descending the stairs (rarely before 7am, often much later, he’s NOT a morning person :) )


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