Somewhere Between Peace and Brokenness

I am resting standing sitting sleeping holding being somewhere between peaceful and heartbroken in these days which are terribly different in some ways and not as much in others, but still…different and strange and odd and weird and it’s hard to wrap my mind around everything, it’s hard to stay on top of things without falling into the fear which will not serve, and so I take a step back and then another before I take a step forward, stepping into what is mine to know, mine to do, mine to love – and isn’t everything and everyone mine to love? – yours to love too? – and this love underscores the fact that it (all of it) is terribly different and terribly unprecedented and it’s terribly insufficient to rely on this word terrible, but it is that (terrible) so, yes, stepping back before stepping forward, being clear on my responsibilities actions intentions and trusting that you are clear on yours – we all have different means for helping right now and those means are important, all of them, you are important, so take heart have heart extend heart in this terrible, unprecedented time, yes, take heart have heart extend heart and remember that tulips are blooming at the same time that loved ones are dying and how do we wrap our heads (our hearts) around this?…I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know but we must wrap ourselves around it somehow, we must embrace it somehow, stepping backwards stepping forwards, existing somewhere between peace and brokenness.


sending a little love your way, m



4 thoughts on “Somewhere Between Peace and Brokenness

  1. It is sometimes overwhelming to think about, or to hear/read the news, easy to despair. My cool hubby who is on ‘the front line’ as it’s called over here in the local hospital, tells me ‘it is what it is, and we’ll get through this like our grandparents and parents got through wars, Spanish flu and rationing, it’s in our genes to survive’. Sending love back to you and yours. BTW I’m loving the yin yoga!

    1. There’s truth (and wisdom) in that for sure…that it is what it is. What choice do we have but to get through? Sending so much gratitude to your husband for the work he’s doing right now (and always does) and for his colleagues. Hands to heart, thanks to him.

      And I’m so glad you’re enjoying the yin❤️



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