:: A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: April 17

A quiet journaling series.

I plan to run A Tiny Bit of Quiet in the coming summer months, just like I did last year.  In the meantime, a little sliver of quiet might be good right now too.  Here’s a quote + journaling prompts…

It will never rain roses:  when we want to have more roses,
we must plant more roses.

~ George Eliot ~

What are you craving right now?

What exactly is a craving?

What does the word indulge mean for you?  Is it freeing, or does it bring up feelings of guilt?
(there are no right or wrong answers, just be honest with yourself)
Consider one of the cravings that you listed…can you allow this for yourself, can you make it happen?
Go ahead, it’s good to satisfy urges now and then.  It’s good to tend to you.

Do you have any ongoing projects that have fallen by the wayside?  Maybe it’s something around the house or out in the garden, maybe it’s a half-painted canvas or a pile of new recipes to try.  Is there something you’ve been wanting (meaning) to do?   Do it.  (plant those roses)

sending a little love your way, m

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8 thoughts on “:: A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: April 17

  1. I crave hiking my favorite trails most of which remain closed to us right now. In NY the closures have extended another two weeks and it felt like a crushing blow to my spirit. I spent the yesterday hunkered under a blanket on the couch as bands of Lake Effect snow howled at my window engaged in an online quest to find where I might still hike responsibly. List made, cold weather hiking gear loaded up, dog at my side. Ready to find new paths forward.

    1. Sounds like you made excellent use of that lake effect snow day ;)
      I hope you have a terrific hike with your dog! Nature is definitely keeping me grounded during these times. 💚

  2. It’s so odd to be called to the deep work I’m in right now – it feels “indulgent” in a way, but there is no denying the craving or my curiosity. Just going to go for it.

    1. I can imagine how that might feel, Mindy. There’s so much about this time that is just so odd. I’m glad you’re not denying the craving or curiosity, glad that you’re going for it. Cheering you on, always! xo

    1. Focus can be hard when circumstances are so different and unsettling, eh?
      It’s great that you have art projects going…just keep working on them in little bits. The focus will return in time. xo

  3. Thanks Michelle, I am definitely indulging whilst on lockdown and must stop before my jeans don’t fit! I am also doing whatever I feel like without any time constraints now, such a weird feeling but enjoying it.


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