Twenty Things to Listen for on Any (Pandemic) Day

Twenty things to listen for:

  1. the conversation between wind and unfurled leaves
  2. the whistle of tea kettle
  3. the click of spoon as you stir in sugar, milk
  4. the good mornings spoken, the good nights too
  5. the happy grunt of furry loved one as you scratch a favorite spot
  6. the opening and closing of front door as you step out for a walk, as you return home
  7. the sound of footsteps on stairs, across a room, moving close, moving far
  8. the sound of smiles
  9. the sound of twinkling eyes, tearful eyes
  10. the beating of heart, yours and another’s
  11. an airplane flying overhead, not many these pandemic days, but I’m told there are some
  12. all the questions
  13. the tiny crackle of sourdough crust as you take it from oven
  14. birdsong
  15. the clatter of pots as you pull out, put away
  16. the plea for grace in someone’s tired voice
  17. laughter
  18. invitations to love
  19. the creaking of chair as you settle in
  20. breath flowing in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out


sending a little love your way, m


P.S. speaking of lists (which you know I love), I wanted to remind you that Just Five Things starts soon, on May 18.  For seven days we’ll be exploring themes of home and shelter as we craft creative lists. Ready to join us?   Click here.  xo

6 thoughts on “Twenty Things to Listen for on Any (Pandemic) Day

  1. This is such a lovely list for focus Michelle.. I really enjoyed reading through and sharing many. I hope you are all well, safe and finding a new rhythm in your days. Much love xxx

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