A Tiny Bit of Quiet :: July 10

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Sometimes it’s a form of love just to talk to somebody that you have nothing
in common with and still be fascinated by their presence.
~ David Byrne ~


Perhaps now, more than ever, these are words to pull into our hearts.  Carve a little space in there, would you please?? Have a talk.  Have a listen.  Be love.


• What makes a good conversation?

• What is love?

• What is respect?


• Is there anyone in your life with whom you’re bumping up against right now, not seeing eye-to-eye? Or someone you’ve avoided getting to know better? Name this person, and describe any friction or distance that exists.  (this could be someone you know personally, or it might be someone in the public sphere…whatever comes to mind for you)

How do you feel when you think of this person?  First, consider your emotional and intellectual response. Then, scan your body for physical feelings/sensations.  Are there any areas of tension or tightness – any irritation – when you think of him/her?  (it’s okay if you’re not sure)

Think of three positive things about this person.  (yes, write this down too, even if you’re reluctant)

Now that you’ve considered three positive things about this person, how do you feel right now?  Nothing’s changed about that person, but what about you?  Scan your body.  Maybe (just maybe) some tightness eased, maybe some space opened in your chest or shoulders, maybe you feel some lightness.  If you’re not sure you sense anything in your body, it’s okay; just give this a try.  (write down anything you might be feeling)


•  We don’t necessarily have to agree with someone (or like them) in order to be respectful.  What’s the difference between having respect and giving respect?

• Do you think you can be fascinated by someone with whom you have nothing in common? Are you willing to try?


always the love, m


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